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Full Version: [Shop] For the DarkRP Server / Custom Models
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You can donate to the server to help cover server costs here: https://www.titsrp.com/shop

For custom playermodels contact Rubik or a Superadmin on Discord for details.

To reduce load time and server resources your custom content may be removed after an extended period of inactivity or perminant ban.
12/4 Update

Price Adjustments:

Custom Weapons have decreased from [80 mil / 3600 Sugar Dollars / $60 IRL] -> [60 mil / 1800 Sugar Dollars / $30 IRL]
Custom Models have  decreased from [80 mil / 3600 Sugar Dollars / $60 IRL] -> [60 mil / 1800 Sugar Dollars / $30 IRL]

This change is due to the new file optimizer being put into place which should help players load in quicker