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Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much anything goes as long as it does not contain any nudity or overly sexual content (this includes explicit anime / loli models) and has valid hitboxes. We will take into consideration the model's Workshop stats. If it's a fresh upload with no subscribers or ratings or if it has negative comments, we will not add it. We cannot accept modified models, only the original Workshop upload will be accepted. If your unsure that your player model meets these requirements, reach out to rubik on Discord for confirmation.

To keep things fair and balanced, all custom weapons are re-skins and do not contain any special abilities or buffs. If your swep includes audio, please trim the sounds to 3 seconds so that they don't become a nuisance for other players.

In January 2020 Steam changed the way that they display file size on the Workshop. For models uploaded before January 2020, you will see the compressed file size. For models uploaded after January 2020, you will see the uncompressed file size. The only difference is the way that the file size is displayed. There is no price difference for models uploaded before or after January 2020. You can confirm this by pricing a 2mb model uploaded before 2020 and a 7mb model uploaded after 2020.

For other players to see your swep, they must contain a valid world model. For performance reasons we don't use view models or props as world models with w_offset or DrawWorldModel. If your custom weapon contains either of these functions, it won't work :( The world and view model must be rigged to the players bones.

Yes! However, if you go inactive from the server for more than 30 days we may remove it to make space for other user's content until you return. Once you're back & active for at least 2 weeks, we will restore your custom content for free. As long as you maintain activity on the server you're good. The only exception to this is if you are community removed from the server or banned for 6 months or more for breaking the rules.

If your custom content was removed due to inactivity, check your playtime on GameTracker and contact Rubik#7711 on Discord. He can restore it for you! If your content was removed due to a 6 month or greater ban or community removal you can not restore it, sorry :(

Because extremely small player models provide a PVP advantage due to their size, they may have a reduced max HP and/or nerfed damage rate to compensate and keep things fair for other players. We recommend you don't add player models that are smaller than the default hl2 citizen player model. We've created a tool which you can use to test whether or not your player model may have a reduced max HP or damage. Subscribe to the TitsRP Model Checker on Steam. Instructions on how to use it are in the workshop description.

You can list your player model or swep for sale on the CC editor for DarkRP cash or Suga Dollas. Proceeds from sales go directly into your wallet.

We apply minimal compression to all materials in order to speed up load times and minimize the server's footprint on your hard-drive.

Reach out to Rubik#7711 on Discord and he can swap it out for you.

You can keep it private if you'd like. By default no price will be set. As long as you do not set a price for sale on the CC editor it will remain private and only you can use it.

You can request that your custom model be added as a cop model before it's added to the server. These models can only be used on cop CCs and cannot be changed once it's added. To be used as a cop model, the model must clearly be a cop!