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  Regular revisions
Posted by: Sea Bear - 2 hours ago - Replies (4)

I have had about 3 sits today about the king being confused about the rules. I feel like the MOTD has some much needed work. I also had a conversation with Doc about some “unspoken rule” with some guy basing and walling off a large area of land. I feel the ties should be revised, improved, made more clear, and user friendly

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  already accepted ban appeal not in effect?
Posted by: QUALUDES - 11 hours ago - Replies (3)

I was already suppose to be unbanned but i am still perma banned when i was informed that i would be unbanned on a thread i previously posted a couple days ago.

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  Please Remove Or Nerf the ADS Weapon Sway
Posted by: Azuria - Yesterday, 02:22 PM - Replies (3)

There are several weapons that look horrid when you look down your sights, it only makes it worse that your weapon looks like its swinging on a rope attached to your shoulder

How it looks

How it should look

So please, I understand the fact that it looks more realistic, but it makes a good handful of guns unsightly and people dont want to use them.

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  ban appeal
Posted by: cheesyzillions - Yesterday, 05:40 AM - Replies (4)

Quote:Your Steam Name: cheesyzillions
Your in-game name: cheesyzillions
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0;456439840

Why were you warned/banned?: (RDM) i was banned cause i killed someone trying to cure corona virus and didin't know that wasn't okay and were supposed to give people a cure. when the moderater had me in admin jail he didnt even talk with me or anything just took his anger out on me abusing his power honestly. there were also 3 others playing as hazmat doing the same thing and none of them got in trouble or any warnings.
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? :I should be unbanned because it was an honest mistake and was trying to have some fun i play on this server only for dark rp and i like it alot but i feel my ban was unfair and a decision made out of angry from the moderator.
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: i got banned by Purple Gladiatora,,c (STEAM_0:1;48596998) and i was banned for 7 days

Evidence: the only evidence i have is showing that he banned me on the board but honestly im not that computer smart with certain things like screen shotting and recording videos on pc or screen recording and this is my first time doing an appeal so i didnt know i needed evidence or i would of figured out how to screen record. 

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  Loop holing Laws.
Posted by: TymereianPrinceKingdom - 02-19-2020, 11:37 PM - Replies (5)

So I got onto the server and I became cp went into the jail cells. There was an anime girl in there.  Pd laws were that pd is kos, and default rule is obviously past 2nd door in pd is aos. I arrested the anime girl and a officer unarrests the anime girl. I call a sit claiming it was an unfair arrest and a staff member claims that they cant deduct that they were past 2nd door in pd. I give him the deductive info to prove it and he completely ignores me. Saying well bud i cant do anything unless you have evidence. So I tell him just to bring the guy and he does and the guy admits he was past 2nd door. So he asks why and he says the mayor said not to arrest that person or kill him. I said it says in the motd it states not to make a law to make someone above the law. He says because it wasnt a law its ok. ( this is a story i dont wanna make a report but the staff member could use some training.) 

So basically what im trying to say is confirm it is against the rues or make it against the rules. It overides the rule of past 2nd door in pd is aos.

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