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  Face Reveal
Posted by: Booper Scooper - 1 hour ago - Replies (2)


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  Unjust ban/abusive admin
Posted by: Harry Fargus - Yesterday, 09:52 PM - Replies (12)

Walter West

I was banned because I was allegedly trying to crash the server, when really I was just only making an abstract building.
I should be unbanned because not only was I doing nothing wrong, but the admin who banned me did not even give me a chance to explain myself, despite me offering to undo all the props.
The person who banned me was Cobaselic McStubbins.
Sort of hard to present evidence if I'm already banned.

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  Sam Austria Maxis Ban Appeal for being honest
Posted by: Sam Austria Maxis - Yesterday, 01:37 PM - Replies (1)

Your Steam Name: Sam Austria Maxis
Your in-game name: Sam Austria Maxis
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:64279295

Why were you warned/banned?: Thanks for being honest
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : As far as I know, there was no reason to ban me. I don't understand why I was banned in the first place. I haven't been on the server for a long time.
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Sugar Tits, Permanently

I've been asked to provide details. I'm not sure exactly how old this ban is but it's at least a year I think. I never did anything. I know it's the oldest lie in the book but I never did anything. I don't understand why I am banned at all. I never recall being in an admin sit even. I just came back after a long time to play and I'm banned by the owner. Maybe it was a mistake?

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  My discord ban appeal
Posted by: Extinct Species - 09-17-2019, 12:36 PM - Replies (1)

Your Steam Name:
Your in-game name: Discord id: Mirror Mirror On the Wall#0362
Your SteamID:

Why were you warned/banned?: Posting hentai link in general
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I apologize for posting hentai in general I acknowledge that I sent it in general instead of Herbs Stoners I want to assure you that it will never happen again.
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Mrs Herb McStubbins, no time listed
Evidence: https://imgur.com/gallery/o9biZy8  https://imgur.com/gallery/t6WoBtg

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