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A mans appeal to the tribunal - Альберт - 02-10-2019

Your Steam Name: Альберт
Your in-game name: Альберт
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:30026030

Why were you warned/banned?: Failrp
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? :
Last night was my first night in the world of gmod in quite some time. I met pedophiles, who knocked me out stole my body and forced me to pay for my sins, theifs who only wanted to break into my home and steall me loot, and mayors who aren't quite so happy when you assinate them. All in all it was a great time until the next morning when i woke up and found out that i was banned for 14 hours due to failrp. This broughts tears to my eyes as i was unallowed to play. Im just a man who wants to sell guns to the people, and make a life for himself. If the failrp was due when I was a crypt I was just doing what my home boys told me too, there was a war out there. was also warned about the doors requiring 5 seconds before they closed fixed that too. Thing is i dont play this game mode or game often at all so im not aware of every rule. But if you give a man a chance to learn he can learn from his mistakes and make a name for himself.

Yours truely,

RE: A mans appeal to the tribunal - SEWER OVERLORD - 02-10-2019

You seemed to have failed to state who banned you, can you please provide this so that they may provide insight.

RE: A mans appeal to the tribunal - Альберт - 02-10-2019

Unkown Name 

LunarRyze966 Hiro 


i didnt see any reports about me, or any posted proof no idea what i did tbh.

RE: A mans appeal to the tribunal - Hiroshima6ix9ine - 02-10-2019

You were propblocking and when i pulled you into a sit, you immediately left. I believe the ban was a little to long and after reading this, ill ease up a bit because things happen.

RE: A mans appeal to the tribunal - Deadass Tyrone B - 02-10-2019

Since Lunar gave a positive response I’ll go ahead and considered this accepted. Lunar should promptly reduce the ban for you.