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State of Affairs 2


This is the second state of affairs - this is what I believe the server has improved upon since then and changes that could be made. This isn't an attack, this is just to help generate ideas to improve the server. Constructive criticism is welcomed. I will be noting the changes from the last post which can be found here

Previously, I discussed the map, money, gang system, and player retention.


Events used to be more popular and aren't as popular anymore. Would like to see people doing more events and new events as well.

- More frequent events
- Lower requirement for players to start event
- Add events similiar to mini games if possible (think gmod fretta, suicide barrels, hidden, etc).
- More world "events" would like to see abomination removed as a job and be placed as a random event. 

"Gates of heck" would select a % of players to be spawn of heck. Spawn of "Heck" would be the special job class. It has slightly lower HP and moves faster. They are able to target any of each others targets. Players targeted are allowed to kill them. 

"H1N1" - a virus outbreak that starts with one person and spreads via touching other players. It is more deadly then normal ebola. If a player has died/cured from super ebola, they will not get it until the next event. Players get XP for surviving the event. The initial outbreak player gets XP/Cash based on amount of players killed. Players can kill the initial player if they know who it is, gaining xp / cash. 

"Pick up that can!" - Cans spawn around the map and money is based on how many you throw away. Players have to join this event manually. There are "Citizens" and "Civil Protections". There are a few civil protection units (seperate from PD) that must stop citizens from picking up cans. Civil Protection units knock out citizens with their stun batons. If the Civil Protection units knock out all the citizens, they share the cash based on all the cans collected. If the citizens get knocked out, they still keep the cash - but the Civil Protection takes a small cut of it. Citizens win when all cans are picked up. Civil Protection wins if all citizens are knocked out.

"Terror!" - Remove terrorist job from normal selection, selects random people to be terrorist based on server population. Upon event start, terror is announced. Terrorist should spawn with full armor and a random selection of terrorist related weapons. (Think CSS).


My opinion on the map has not changed from the last thread. However, Gallium has been busy on making improvements to the map. Check it out here.

I would like to add -

There should be a "Spawn Hub". This is an area that should be a no rp zone. This is where you spawn. Ideally it would be in the center of the map that allowed you to access different parts of the map very quickly. The VIP seller / Event / Gang / CC maker / Editor should spawn there - as well as a portal to the RDM zone. The fountain can have the RSB, General merchant, etc.

This would free up the current spawn point to be used for RP / bases. Additionally, you can sit in spawn working on your CC among other things without getting mugged, kidnapped, killed, etc. If you are at the fountain, you should be able to be kidnapped, mugged, etc. 

Areas that are not accessible without prop climbing, master sword, etc should be blocked off. Some examples would be the two areas by the fountain - both above the tunnels. There could be an invisible / solid wall.  You can bring people here for sits. Realistically, !sit should be used.

The reasoning for this is:

Players that have cc's have access to other things normal players don't have easy access to (master sword, lightsaber, etc). 


Processors and Bitminers have been reworked,new printers added, money sink for CC changing sweps, and quests. All good changes.

The one thing I would like to focus on is generating money for jobs specifically. If you don't like sitting in your base you should have more options then just "Processors + Printers". Processors and Printers should be the most profitable out of everything.

Would like to see events more frequently as a source of money.

Specifically, jobs that need money increases should be directed towards jobs that don't sell anything or have a way to make profit currently. For example, a spirit caller shouldn't make money, because he/she can sell talismans. 

I will specify more on this in the job section. 

Custom Class

Realistically, this would need to be majorly reworked to be more healthy. This would effect a lot of players who have farmed / paid real money for their CC's. That being the case, I would like to see more... Job related functions added.

Adding the cost to change weapons for suga / cash is a good implementation. I would like to see a new addition that defines the CC more into specific categories. This should promote some specific roleplay based on what CC you have and as well add another cash sink and not have a "One CC for all Cc's".

All custom classes based on category get access to those models. Weird gets access to weird models and so forth.

New CC categories that will effect all NEW CC's. General Category would be applied to all existing CC's.

When applied a category, CC's can perform actions that gain them xp, but at 50-75% of the rate of a similar job. Anything that would give a CC job specific money would be 50-75% of the cash. Example, fining as PD. The point of this is to apply some form of restriction as an incentive to play normal jobs.

General Category -

Currently function as they were - realistically I would like to apply restrictions, but this is what all current CC's get. Gains access to "General" talents.


An option upon creating your CC. Anything that would be extremely destructive should not be allowed. I.E. Grenades should be replaced with non lethal grenades, etc. Should have a restriction on amount of sweps. Gains access to "Cop" talents.

Thief - 

An option upon creating your CC. Grants you the option to add "Mug / Hitman / Bounty" for a price. Can only pick one. Spawns with a lockpick / keypad cracker / pickpocket for free. Gains access to "Thief" talents. No healing sweps.

Weird / Stupid

Automatically spawns with a bludgeon. Grants you the option to add "Stalk / Necro / Cultist" for a price. Can only pick one. Gains access to "Misc" talents. Limited to weird / unique weapons. (Drilldos, Doge Brick, Lightsaber, Etc.)

The above is a long shot, but I feel like it would give people incentive to have more then one CC.


Some jobs seem useless and are just clutter - such as John Cena

King and Bank has been reworked. 

King has a cool feature, but realistically it's just used to have a good farm base. I would like to see king being able to own / block off areas like it was before - the portal has to be placed in that area. Would like to see the King area in admin land reduced further just to the center structure.

Banker has been reworked. It's a good idea, but... It's just not being used at all. Players just deposit money in the bank and walk away. I suggest that a bank manager has to be online. Players will have to deposit anytime they are off the server for an hour. The bank will give out money based on a % to all players and they will have to withdraw it. Bank manager has to be online for players to deposit / withdraw money - as well as gain money.

Police jobs should reduced to:

Detective / Civil Protection / Gabe / Undercover / Security Specailist

The mayor has the ability to promote people to the "Speciality" classes such as: Fantasma, Soldier 76, etc.

Classes that are not specialty classes should have a default pistol. An armory should be added to the PD that can be raided downstairs in the locker room. Non-Specialty classes are allowed to receive weapons from the locker room. Raiding the locker room should give weapon shipments.

PD bank / locker share a cooldown.

QoL Job Changes:

Cultist should get cash for sacrificing.

Pedophiles should get xp/cash for kidnapping.

Muggers should get XP for a mug.

Hobo/Hobo Lord - Trash piles / dumpsters around the city - Hobos can dig through them to find xp, random items, cash - etc.

Drug Dealers - Should be able to sell drugs for more and be able to spawn more planters.

Spooky Alien - Gain XP for kissing.

Gang Affilated Factions - Gain XP / Cash for killing other crips / bloods / mafia.

Probably left some things out, but a job should have a specific way of getting cash / xp.


Talents are in a good spot right now. I would like to see some combined for more use and some new additional ones.

General -

Change Junk Launcher from Misc to General

Titanium Bones - Fall damage is reduced by 40%

Thief -

Show me the Benjamins - Using a printer that is not yours gives you an additional 15-20% cash. After X amount of uses, the printer switches over to your owner ship.

Sleight of Hand - Pickpocketing players is 40% faster and you have a chance to steal a weapon. (Combine with feather hands)

Adrenaline - Sprinting is faster then normal. Gain 25% increased speed for 3 seconds when sprinting. Has a cooldown. Cooldown will not go down if player is sprinting. 

Precious Life - Bring up to a 10 minute cooldown and do not allow CC's to use this. Only allow thief related jobs to use this.

PD -

Determination - Kidnapping has a 10% chance to fail. Additionally, any effects that would impair you (flash, smoke grenades, etc) are reduced by 50%.


Rubber - Kidnapping has a 30% chance to knock the kidnapper out. Has a cooldown.

Whimsical - Spawn with one of the following: Wabbajack, Lightsaber, Loadsamoney, Gandalfs Sweps, Batmans Grappling Hook. Additionally, have a 20% chance to avoid damage completely.

Combine Power stomp with reinforced legs.

MISC Changes -

Would like to see some props white listed if possible. Some of the HL2 / CSS props would be nice to use. Obviously this is very minor as we still have access to a large range of props.
Would like to see the unbreakable tool still.
Would like to see more HL2 / CSS materials if possible.

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This in all honesty just seems like a big shitpost about Custom Classes and how you want them nerfed to heck. Some of the ideas for them are...kinda good, don't get me wrong.

But CC's are literally how they are because, 1) Someone literally grinded away probably a week of their life on the server for that CC, they shouldn't have any restrictions on it now. 2) Someone used IRL cash on it, meaning they want what they paid for, and all its features. I don't think you would be too happy if you bought a Space Shooter Themed game and next month they update it and say, "Hey, this game is now a simulator to watch paint dry."

I understand you're trying to promote RP flow with all the regular jobs, but forcing people to play them wouldn't make the game all that fun. :/


John Cena is being reworked.

He's becoming the dead meme king.

(You think im joking but this is what it says on trello)


The show me the Benjamins talent syggestion is easily exploitable. Ownership as far as i know is tid to steamid, if printer change ownership 2 people could in theory infinite printers


@Sewer - Realistically I would like to see CC's remove entirely. There could have been a better way to implement them, but you can't do that now without pissing people off. I don't see it as a huge nerf as it does in some form give CC's a new way to gain XP/Money the other jobs do. I've paid over 100 dollars for both of my CC's. The way I see it, is that a CC should be more about customization - the normal job version of that CC should have slightly better benefits - if not be on par with the CC.

@Piklas An easy fix would just allow it to be only yours after a few uses and make it permanent that way. There might be a better way of doing this.

@Azurion Don't have the trello, didn't see this.

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(09-14-2018, 05:49 AM)SEWER OVERLORD Wrote: I understand you're trying to promote RP flow with all the regular jobs, but forcing people to play them wouldn't make the game all that fun. :/

If playing regular jobs makes the server unfun, there might be deeper issues.


(09-14-2018, 09:22 AM)DMG / Qzzrbl Wrote:
(09-14-2018, 05:49 AM)SEWER OVERLORD Wrote: I understand you're trying to promote RP flow with all the regular jobs, but forcing people to play them wouldn't make the game all that fun. :/

If playing regular jobs makes the server unfun, there are deeper issues.

Not what I meant by that. The original jobs are fun, but some veteran players like Piklas or Grape, you don't see them ever really using regular classes. Forcing them to use those classes would only make the game bland to them since they know what CC's are


I like some of these idea tbh. 

I do think bank manager is a very bad job/role atm... People have logged on and left their money in the bank for AGES and it's always sitting there. 

1. Doesn't make much cash.
2. Hardly anyone even play bank manager.
3. Robbing the bank isn't worth at the current price of dragon eggs.

I kinda like that CC thing u got but idk how server heavy or how it would be. Making custom classes be able to be bounty hunters/hitman/weird jobs and I think gundealer also. However.... I don't think your items should be limited if that's going to be a feature. You only get a lockpock/keypack crack and no healing swep.. This would've been a good change a good minute ago but it's too late. It's very easy to mess with CC stuff now because if tipped the wrong way... players could leave or get very upset.

I like the money jobs or more ways of making money. The server use to have a casino job but it wasn't used(not very good)... I think bringing a reworked casino guy that can idk spawn games or open a shop or something... Would be dope and a lot of people would use.

The events are pretty cool and I would enjoy them but....some players just wanna chill and not do anything. Just sit at fountain and listen to music or talk and so on... and adding some of those events is forcing them to do stuff or get rdmed for free and so on. I would love it but I'm sure some other players wouldn't.

Most of this looks like you just want a huge nerf to CCs... but I think it's very unwise to do. So many hours...days...months...years...cash...suga dollas...million were spent on these ccs. It's too late to remove or edit it TOO much and sugar has said so himself. A lot of people don't understand.. CCs have everything that a regular player can get from a gun dealer or some other way. You can literally buy 100 of every gun/tool you need and have it in your inventory and when you die.. just re equip it.

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(09-14-2018, 09:25 AM)SEWER OVERLORD Wrote:
(09-14-2018, 09:22 AM)DMG / Qzzrbl Wrote:
(09-14-2018, 05:49 AM)SEWER OVERLORD Wrote: I understand you're trying to promote RP flow with all the regular jobs, but forcing people to play them wouldn't make the game all that fun. :/

If playing regular jobs makes the server unfun, there are deeper issues.

Not what I meant by that. The original jobs are fun, but some veteran players like Piklas or Grape, you don't see them ever really using regular classes. Forcing them to use those classes would only make the game bland to them since they know what CC's are

You also drew a comparison between the idea of reigning in CC's a bit to having a space shooter update itself into a paint-drying simulator, so idk. If that's not what you meant, my bad.

Moving on, I dig some of the ideas on CC's here.

Breaking custom classes up into categories like this wouldn't be terribly catastrophic, I think. With the guidelines laid out by Viscus, I have a feeling the only change that would affect a vast majority of CC's would be removal of the medical kit for thieves/raiders. Pair that with a refund of suga dollas or DarkRP cash and I have a hard time imagining anyone raising a big stink about it.

That said, Jawson raises a good point in that with patience and good inventory management, any class can be just as effective as any CC.

I'm kinda conflicted on this one.

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For the events, you could just have an "Opt out" and you won't be effected in the event.

A normal player can be the equivalent to a CC. I'm not saying a CC makes you a better player, but you don't have to worry about buying any equipment ever. You're always prepared for a raid, while for a player it takes more time to gear up then just be ready 24/7.

The suggested changes I listed for CC's overall places them in a specific job / category. Any CC in "General" isn't going to be nerfed with the exception of some talent changes.

All existing CC's will remain as they are - "General" CC's are just that. "General". Due to CC's being inherently stronger (as many slots as you can pay for, never run out of any weapons, access to items that are hard to get for players normally, armor on spawn, etc) is why I don't think they should have access to "Precious Life".

The Thief talent section should only be applied to jobs that are in the thief category. CC's do not gain benefits from "Misc" which is weird / stupid job categories, so why should they gain access to Thief talents?

The only nerf listed here would be Precious Time and restrictions on some explosives (maybe) for PD.

You don't have to pick "Thief" for your CC. You can pick General and still have the current functionality CC's have now. If you want to have the option to mug, be a hitman, bounty hunter, etc. You have to be under "Thief". You can buy armor packs, hp pots, etc from other people. It just promotes more roleplay.

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