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Ban appeal





I was banned for irdm toxic and running from sit

I believe i was wrongfullly banned because i did not irdm i killed a man who was trespassing and building fences all over the roof of my house. The admin was going to give me a warn but instead gave me 2 day bann because i pissed him off by calling him a dumbass i did run away from sit because the admins sat there not talking for atleast 5 mins and i assumed they were afk so i walked off 

I was banned by Walter the Assaulter for 4 days


You have already appealed this ban and you were denied.
You will be banned from the forums for spamming ban appeals.
Bans are for people who refuse to listen. You are choosing to not listen to what we are telling you. If you are unhappy with your current ban timer, hit me up on Discord and I would be glad to extend it indefinitely until you understand.

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