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CP walk speed


The police officer classes should be able to walk a bit faster than normal players to be able to catch up to people and be able to cuff them due to cuffing being difficult unless you have insta-cuff


I really dont think this is needed, you can cuff just fine without insta cuff. If this was added Insta cuff would then just be more OP. Without insta cuff you just have to be sneakier with your cuffing. I think it is fine as it is.


I thought CP were already quicker then normal people, atleast I know the Mayor is. Plus if you want to catch up to people use the non lethal then swoop in and cuff them


CP move at least 5-10% faster than regular players already :/

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I'm pretty sure the Secret Service job can run much faster than most players, or maybe it just looks that way.

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Players move at around 140 or something, cp run at 150.
no need for extra buff
Edit: i mean all cp run at 150. not just secret service, etc.


my bad, didn't know haha

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