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Someone you don't even know

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Your Steam Name: Cartoon Pastel Horse
Your ingame name: Gum Ointment
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151381906/
Why were you banned?: Arresting two cops who were breaking the law, when I was physically ordered to by the mayor. Arrested one of them after he was told multiple times to stop trying or he would get arrested, he gets arrested. An admin, who is also a cop abuses his job to unnarest him so I arrest him for breaking the law. Then I tell him that the Mayor is 1. My friend, 2 so is the person he arrested, 3, The jolteon was the mayors pet 4, we gave him mutliple warnings, and 5, The mayor told us both, him to stop and for me to arrest him if he did so. And I am banned for doing that. The admin even REFUSED to teleport the person I was saying ordered me to (The mayor) and just bans me for 6 days for it.
Why should you be unbanned?: Because I literally played for 20 minutes before I get admin abused and banned, Played DarkRP for around 3600 hours and when I get banned for 20 minutes for doing what a PD should that's rediculous.
Who banned you and for how long?: Walter the Assaulter
Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. Numerous screenshots help, a decently lengthed video helps too.: Why the heck would I record something I've just started getting into? I was enjoying the server and especially the power armour job before I just get randomely banned.

NOW, in an edit. Reasons and actual respones I could have done to them:

Could I have called an admin? No. Only one was online and there was not an on duty job as far as I could tell, And the admin was busy. So what was I meant to do? Sit around until ALL of us are arrested by him and THEN g et the admin to respond after I'm unarrested? That's not fair in the slightest.

Do I shoot him? No. That is unfair to the people arrested. Being killed takes only a second, being arrested gives them the same punishment to what they randomely wanted to give someone else.

That, and PD jobs are horribly labelled. How the heck am I meant to know Master Chief is allowed in the PD if he doesn't even show he has batons or anything? Even when I said we should arrest him he didn't make any attempt to stop us but that's completely out of topic. 

Another thing. I could have just left the room. Then they would have had to have an entire arguement over it and my friend would have arrested them anyway. Entire system is bull tbh.


if they were breaking the laws put they should be fired then arrested i think so the mayor only forgot to fire them?
I dont see how this justifies a 6 day ban.

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Actually, you left out a few things!
You arrested a cop for enforcing the law. This law has actually been in the MOTD for several years now (non-CP past second PD door is AOS unless mayor says otherwise) and you were informed of this fact.
You arrested me because I unarrested a cop, when cops should not be arrested. 
There was no law allowing non-CP inside the PD or making unarresting cops illegal. I asked you several times (at least 3) to do !laws and tell me which law applied to this situation, but you refused to even use the command. You told me it was a law the mayor gave you via his microphone.

1. It doesn't matter if the mayor is your friend, you cannot break the rules.
2. It doesn't matter if your friend is arrested, you can't arrest cops because you're mad he broke the law.
3. The Jolteon did not have his job name changed, the mayor did not make a law saying he was allowed back there, nobody said anything in group chat, nobody told all the CP in the PD, nobody said anything in advert or broadcast. There was 0 communication of this fact to most of the CP team, so how do you expect the entire CP team to know this?
4. Warning someone as a CP to stop enforcing the law as a CP doesn't sound very good.
5. The mayor can tell you to mass RDM. Doesn't mean you go do it. He can fire the CP if he doesn't like what he did, or you can demote the CP if you don't like what he did, or you can call a sit if you think he was violating the rules, but you cannot arrest a CP for enforcing a law that's literally in the MOTD.

Your ban was 6 days due to you refusing to listen to the MOTD, refusing to understand why you were incorrect, and refusing to even tell me which number law supposedly allowed you to take the actions that you did when you told me that him arresting the dog and me unarresting a cop were both against the mayor's laws. 
In my almost 3,000 hours, not once have I encountered a server where arresting cops is okay. Maybe the extra 600 makes the difference.


Unless you can provide evidence Mr. Cartoon Pastel Horse, this appeal will be denied because of lack of evidence. Overall the situation looks pretty clear cut, and you were in the wrong. 

Also a side note, this server does not make the staff have to be the staff on duty job to do staffing things, so you not making a report because "the admin was busy and not an on duty job" makes no sense. Instead of trying to even call a sit you take action into your own hands. So yes you could have called a sit.


Unlike other servers, Staff don't commit to just staffing and just RPing, we have a sort of hybrid system. When a sit is called, we put our current RP on hold until the sit is resolved. I can see how this is kind of deterring since you're most likely used to different RP servers since you claim to have '3600 hours'. Regardless, I have yet to see a server where Voice Chat given laws are put into effect. If this true, please tell me the server so that I may, 'review' it. Overall, the rules pop up when you join our server. It is YOUR responsibility to read those rules and follow them. And yes, while our rules do not cover EVERY detail, they do cover a lot. And if you're unsure about a decision, use common sense in the future if you decide to return to our community after your ban. Walter has been a LONG member of this server, so I trust that he's not going to go rogue now. I'm gonna say no on a complete unban, but a small shortening on your ban might be appropriate if Walter feels as though it is deserved. If you decide to return to our server, please read the rules and ask fellow staff like me about things you're curious about, such as, "Can I RDM the prisoners in jail cells?". I'm sure we would be more than glad to answer. Best of luck.

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Even though this seems to be somewhat of a repeating section ( people telling you what you should've done ), I made a little list here to keep things as clear as possible. 

In General
  • Read over the rules (https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=4) / !motd in-game
  • Follow the rules
  • Report those who don't follow the rules in-game, forums, or even discord
  • Need help? Call staff or ask in OOC. 
  • Recommended: Perhaps use a recording system or so when you see someone breaking the rules (staff or player, it can happen both ways without a doubt) and report them on the forums.
This list can go on and on, but I don't really have the time to do that. Those are the most basic things you can and SHOULD do on the server.

For the Future
  • If the Mayor is requesting you to arrest a CP, tell him to fire them and then arrest them. Don't arrest cops as a cop..Just no.
  • Make sure the Mayor is actually following the rules when he requests you to do an act. If he says something like "DO ORDER 66 ON THE CITIZENS!" then don't follow that order..You will be banned since it is Mass RDM..
Server Rules > Mayor Demands.


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