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Isaac The Butcher's Ban Appeal

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If you weren't a player when I was banned you probably won't know what was going on nor a handful of the people, so you will probably be confused. I'm not sure if Doc would want me to reply to this thread as I was only unbanned from the forums to post it but I'm assuming I'm okay to reply when I get a chance. I'm going to keep some parts vague and keep some names out of it for obvious reasons. The grammar may be partially retarded since I've been writing it while pretty tired and I'm just trying to pump this out since I'm not that great at writing.

Your Steam Name: BringingArmageddon
Your in-game name: Isaac The Butcher
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:8875321

[b]Why I got banned The day I got banned was a pretty interesting one. It started with a good friend of mine being permanently banned. I was either in a call or formed one shortly after she was banned. The call started with Danny, Caleb & I. We were trying to find out why she got banned and ended up adding a bunch of people. After about an hour, it was a full call and we were all talking shit about various players and trying to get Knifu unbanned. What most of us thought she was banned for was getting on the wrong side of someone with several close staff friends very close to her. We started talking about her and it was brought up that she was sending pictures of herself to people she isn't supposed to be sending them to. Eventually in a video call, a few of those pictures were shown in very low quality to show they were actually sent but not so anyone could see anything. Someone in the call was told by Walter to tell what everyone did or they'd get banned. With that, everyone in the call except that person received permanent bans. They were all later reversed I believe maybe a day after except mine. I was issued a forum ban by Walter and he said that I wouldn't be able to return to the community and something along the lines of being "subhuman" and not deserving the right to defend myself in this situation. Now that Walter has resigned, I've been allowed to attempt an appeal which his what I'm doing.


[b]Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Walter / Booper Scooper[/b]
[b]Unkown Name 
Booper Scooper 
Mass Drama-mongering/Mass Harassment
Perma Ban

[b][Image: P2NA1n0.png][/b]

Why should you be unbanned? : I was banned 11/04/2018 in-game and soon after that on the forums for the above reasons. I'll preface this by saying I obviously didn't handle the situation how I should have and me getting banned is my fault. That being said, I've been playing Tits since March of last year, and I've played pretty religiously having racked up 860 hours on the server in the 8 months I've played. Having played for that long, I've met a lot of people and have became good friends with a few. A lot of people would probably describe me as a troublemaker, which is definitely true but I always tried my best to stay out of trouble. Within all that time, I never got a ban past a couple days and I only had 11 warns. I was a knucklehead memer most of the time but always tried to be as good of a member of the community as I could. All I ask is for a second chance.

[Image: qtC5M4u.png]

p.s. if this gets accepted and i get unbanned pls readd my stuff sugar
p.s.p.s. if this gets accepted please unban my discord Radio DJ#6493 from the general channel
p.s.p.s.p.s. i was told i need to stop being lazy and post this. here's some jams  ;


Fucking finally. 

I don't really care if you come back or not, but it appears a lot of players enjoy playing with you, so I'll side with them and +1 this unban. The kinda dumb stuff you done a bit ago is relatively over with and you did wait your punishment.


+1 well deserved

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Butcher, Caleb and I were talking in a group call. We then learn about a CERTAIN SOMEONE getting perma'd for bullshit reasons, and we add them. After some talking, we start memeing around and being the people we are. We add multiple people, and somehow we start talking about mads. Butcher says that she sent him.. "PICTURES" and he blurs his screen. Nothing was visible at all, I couldn't make out a picture of anything. Then, mads gets into the group chat and gets kicked. Then, a CERTAIN SOMEONE says something to an admin. Then, Without a say, Butcher gets perma'd. Then, everyone else is perma'd. Keep in mind, this is NOT IN TITSRP DISCORD. Rules shouldn't apply to different discords. He should have been warned to stop before a ban was given.

I'm not even sure if my vote counts because i'm a normal user. But, if it does, +1 for unban.|

free my nigga butcher


Tbh, i enjoyed isaac's presence on the server. And if everyone else seem'd to be allowed back, idk what he did that was so different that there lead to a different punishment. Realistically, anything done outside of things owned or directly affliated with titsrp means theres no jurisdiction unless it affects directly. But from all of their stories, it seems like it was kept in a tight lil group. 

I would like to see isaac back on the server. Probationary period maybe?

-Reiko , and whatever other name i have used.

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All in all, what Legacy said.

The RDM Slut approves this message, as stated in the November Issue. It's a fools crusade, all other wrongs in the situation have been righted - Bad noodle girl being banned, Crab Rave for Walter missing, all other parties on Isaac's side forgotten. Like I said with DeathRayJJ's unban, if all others in the wrong are returned to their original post, why not them? After all, SwaVe even has staff now. It's a simple answer.


Seems to me that everyone surrounding that situation is trying to get a piece of candy now that it came to light that certain people weren't as good as we thought they were.
Doesn't make it right for you all to spike drama and make the most insane comments about those people back when it was going on. Some players enjoyed your presence but others certainly didn't and your ban reasons may show a little bit as to why.

Other than that, the others got unbanned so it only seems somewhat fair to give you a chance too.

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We will be discussing this ban appeal with a few of the S. Moderators and Admins later today, as for my statement, I'm not here to spike old events up for some sort of "drama" (we use that word too much). But, since I was in the call and know a bit more things, I'm going to speak about it in VC later, and then reply to this appeal with my personal opinion.

Also a little piece of advise, if you're going to reply and help out his ban appeal by supporting him, can you at the very least be a bit serious about it?


Welp after countless times of seeing a thread name of butchers ban appeal and then later seeing that it was deleted seems like you have actually made one. I for one am +1 for your unban.


why not put the song in the beginning so we can listen while reading... smh

anyways a lot of people like playing with you and that makes the community more happy/feel better. Think it's only right to get another chance... ALSO, I'm not sure about it but reading above apparently others got unbanned for this? Why would you not be unbanned then...

+1 mate

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