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speed hack glitch


Bug Exploit 

DescriptionConfuseduper fast speed , like teleport like speed when shift running

How to reproduce: This is a tough one, i think it has something to do with the pocket sand perk and food that makes you run slightly faster, could also be affected by non lethal guns. sometimes after kidnapping ppl and taking food that increases your speed , your default sprint speed gets slower and slower every time the speed burgers wear off. After eating about 30 burgers over time, probably like over the span of 45 mins , eventually you freeze completely, after becoming unfrozen you run at godly speed. It can be fixed by killing yourself. All i know is when your default run speed gets glitched lower, eventually it will occur.

Priority: High


By any chance can you record how you do this to make it a better understanding of this bug/glitch because it seems a little hard to do... 
make sure to do it will a friend or with a mod because we don't want anyone using bugs/glitches for advantages


This shit happened to me once but i couldnt figure out how i did it. It literally looked like i noclipped

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