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Minge crew


Your Steam Name: A Friendly Canadian 
Your ingame nameA Friendly Canadian
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDSTEAM_0:0:168539241
Who are you reporting? Russian 1 (STEAM_0:0:67138951) Russian 2 (STEAM_0:0:51915465)
and Russian 3 ( STEAM_0:0:167940329)

Reasons why you are reporting: So after the last staff member Carlos left these 3 guys changed there name to be similar to each other, they began to mass rdm random cuff and just random arrest for no valid reason and each time I asked them why they either ignored or just gave me a bullshit answer. 
EvidenceThem being minges https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RAjepqZemM and then logs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKonvQhSEao
Notes: After that minge fest I vote banned Russian 2 and the other Russians proceed to leave the server (you can see in the second link they all begin killing people and stop killing people at the same to because the left to avoid punishment so they wont get vote banned) Also couldn't show cuff logs cuz I'm not staff


All three are banned. Thanks for the report (and including STEAM IDs).

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