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New Perk Suggestions


I really really really, REALLY like the idea of gangs perks, so here are some new perks. Hire me sugar!!!

RUN: Your movement speed increases while wanted or warrented

Stock-pilled evidence: As batman, players who have committed a crime have a longer period that they can be cuffed in

Poof: As batman, your cluster bombs create more smoke grenades and lasts longer

Nascar: Vehicles are 10% cheaper to purchase and can be sold for more at the vehicle scrapper

Give grandma a smoochie: Your kiss swep recharges 15% faster

No U: When using a hacked item that would normally give the hacker money, you instead receive what he would've received

Nightvision: As a PD Commander, you can see raidables through walls

Lose Sum Weight: As a juggernaut, the slowdown effect is reduced by 5%

Thicc Skull: When knocked out, you wake up quicker than you normally do

Kissy Fight: As a pedobear, you spawn with a kiss swep

Pack Attack: As a pet, while near the master pet you get a 10% movement speed increase and you slowly regenerate armour

Much Rescue, Very Hero: As a doge, saying "WOW" near any kidnapped victims will wake them up

Bomb has been planted: As a demolition, you spawn with a C4

Immigration Logs: As a king, you receive the ability the see everyone currently in your kingdom in your king menu

Deported: As the king, you have the ability to 'deport' people from your kingdom, for a price!

Trap Card: Players who enter the wrong code into your keypad will be shocked (similar to the hacker)

RDM! RDM!: You spawn with an extra weapon in the RDM arena

Foul Play: When entering the RDM arena, there is a slim chance to receive an enchanted gun instead of a regular

Party Animal: Events are 10% cheaper to run

Bottom Feeder: As a crab, eating a fishing bobber puts whatever was in that bobber into your inventory

Jaws: As a shark, you regenerate health and Armour for every kill

Detained: As batman, cuffing a criminal prevents all forms of movement

Bribe: If you use the 'E' menu to give an officer some money, your bounty will be reduced slightly

Goon Hunter: You deal bonus damage to goons and receive damage resistance to goons

Greeting World We Are Anonymous: You can post messages anonymously more frequently

Inside Knowledge: As a hacker, you can see who has posted something anonymously

Huge Demand: As a master stalker you receive two stalker targets instead of one

U Can't C Me: As John Cena, staying still for a certain amount of time will make you almost invisible


Night vision is just x-ray hacks
Some of the perks aren't enough, like the kiss swep boost
And just no to letting demolitionist spawn with C4S, just imagine plant a c4, finish raid, suicide, destroy more

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