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Ban Appeal


Steam Name: KingJonJon1871
In Game Name:KingJonJon1871
Steam ID:0:0:444521773

Hello everyone, so earlier this week I was banned for something called "sit exploiting"

I honestly don't even know even know what "Sit exploiting" actually is, I'm still fairly new to playing darkrp, I honestly only get the chance to play when I visit my uncle's house. But apart from that I feel as if I didn't get a chance to properly explain my side of the what really happened when I got pulled into the sit. So let me start with what I tried to communicate with the admin It seems I had gotten fairly lucky while raiding the base because for whatever reason they didn't hear the trisha use his launcher to destroy the props which helped us bypass a good amount of our obstacles, after that we picked the remaining fading door and shot the 2 from behind while they seemed to be preoccupied tending to their printers. We loaded the stuff into pick up boxes and attempted to leave until we were killed by another person. So after I attempted to explain my side of what happen (above) I was moved so the admin and the base owner could speak to a further extent, due to the base owner accusing me of glitching in which I had not done. I don't know if it was due to there not being enough evidence to prove my innocence, but anyhow I would very much like to clear this misunderstanding up. Because I enjoy my time on the server and I would like to play when I come back next week. (Big Heart Banned me for 4 weeks.)


Forwarded to Big Heart. He will get back to you as soon as possible.


Yeahhhhh, no.

The sit was called and you were given a chance to speak and explain what happened for 6-8 minutes. You said that "Oh we didn't even really have to lockpick anything/they couldn't hear us coming because we kind of just walked in because a lot of their props were already destroyed.". Then, your afk raiding partner, who was on Trisha, came back from being afk, so I jailed you so I could talk to them separately to make sure your stories lined up. They didn't, at all. According to the Trisha, you guys just raided their base as normal, by blowing up the front door, and then waltzing in and lockpicking the fade doors, with 0 fire given. So I said "Okay, please recreate the raid for me and show me how you guys got through the base." Despite having claimed to have raided the base 15 minutes prior, your raid partner could not even figure out how to get past the very first segment of the base, past blowing up the front door (I had to tell them to make the base more clear after the sit due to this btw), which is something which should not have happened. They claimed that THEY lockpicked the fade doors, but did not have lockpick logs for the time the raid was supposed to have happened. In addition, they claimed the dupe was changed after they couldn't even figure out how to navigate the base.

I considered this to be sufficient circumstantial evidence that the only way you two could have entered their entity room was via exploiting. If this is not the case, you'll need to answer a few questions for me:

1. Why did you and your raid partner's stories not match up in the slightest?
2. Why was your raid partner unable to even navigate the base you guys had JUST raided?
3. Why were you lacking logs which should have appeared at the time, such as lockpicking logs?

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After hearing Plutori's side of the story, I fully support the action he took. If your friend could not even navigate the base he supposedly raided then that shows that you had to have gotten in through other means. And also if your stories didn't match up, AND there was no lockpick logs, there's not a doubt in my mind you guys would have had to exploit in. Plutori has no reason or motive to ban you guys for no reason and I fully support his decision. 

-1 for unban


Yea no I was in the fucking base it was during the superbowl half time show (which was fucking ass) we were all watching it so we just kept ears on raiders then out of fucking no where a Trisha takes down one of the people I was basing with, he starts yelling through his mic telling me we're getting raided and as soon as I grab my fucking mouse I'm dead. Afterwards I checked the base and found out that the fading doors were completely untouched they never penetrated any layer and nothing was heard. ALSO right after the trisha came back and tried to raid and couldn't make it past the first fucking layer and died. Last but not least one of them changed their name after it.


After hearing Plutoris side of the story it sounds like you were banned for a pretty good reason. There is sufficient evidence that you were exploiting, however more staff input would be great on this appeal.

-1 for Unban

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