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Succthezucc white knight


In game name: Incredibilis
Steam Name: StrongAkimbo
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40845769

Killed someone fishing because I was a crab and then left to get food and I come back with a 7 day ban from succthezucc for mass rdm mass nlr and NITRP I killed one person and was banned for MASS RDM and MASS NLR wtf??


I will forward this to Succ.


Right so this one was easy, same person 4+ times. I will change the MassRDM to AMassRDM. I didn't add NITRP, the crab can only kill people while invading the water meaning IN the water. MassNLR for coming back countless times which I stopped counting at 5. You did this as the Shark and the Crab class and you turned into the crab just to kill the person fishing with it showing in the logs.


-they were in the water
-I killed them once not 5 times 
-I switched to crab at the beach and then killed them  

Post pics of the logs saying I killed them 5 times


It was not in the water. I saw the base. Also, regardless changing into a crab to kill someone for that reason alone is IRDM, and or FailRP. And I claimed that it shouldn't be mass but attempted MassRDM. You were killed 4+ times then changed into a crab died twice more then finally got a kill after breaking NLR 2 additional times.


My job set as a crab to kill people in water how is that fail rp? I changed jobs at the beach and went into the water as a crab I can do the same thing as a shark how is it fail rp to change from a shark to a crab? And once again they were in the water


The person fishing was in a fishing base. Of which did not submerge them in the water. They owned the dupe that they were in.

For all of the reasons I have stated above I will be DENYING your claim

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