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Banned for the wrong reasons


in game name : Lime 

steam name : xxbiohazard36

steam id: STEAM_0:0:420600946
who band me : suck the zuck 

I was banned for massNLR, massRDM and Fail rp. I never mass rdmed and i didt mass NLR but fail rp i did. How it all started was in the PD messing around with some people in there were i found a crawl space that lead to a cell. From there me a suck the zuck were in a cell were he texted something to me in the chat (cant remember what he said ) them i killed him with a MP5. Then he jailed me and another person at spawn were i thought he was going to be jailed for the rdm. Next he unjailed me and then froze me. Then he band me for a week for stuff i did't do besides the rdm and fail rp. i feel like he was upset that i killed him and banned me for other reason just to get ride of me for a longer period of time. It was unfair and wrong to band me for things i did't commit and if i did do it i wound of just wait my week banned.

(deleted the post so i could fix some stuff )


Use the right format, and gather some evidence. If you don't have any you won't be unbanned.


Your Steam Name:
Your in-game name:
Your SteamID:

Why were you warned/banned?:
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? :

Who warned/banned you and for how long?:

Use the correct format or this appeal will be denied.


I forwarded this to Succ yesterday and hope to get a response from him soon he explained the situation for you and your friend


So this is what your actual ban states.
MassNLR (I saw)|MassRDM (I also saw)|FailRP (suprisingly I also saw) 
I don't believe succ would just straight up ban for a completely false reason. I'm wondering if you are telling us the actual story though.
You admitted to RDM and Failrp which is a ban, but I doubt succ would add 2 more RDMs and 3 NLR cases to your ban unless you did it.


So basically I heard someone saying you were trying to RDM, I decided to quit basing and see it first hand. From there I see you attempt to raid, fail, come back then try to kill me when I then shot you in the face with a sniper. From there I saw you come back again to try and raid the base once more with me just standing there. You then come back go inside the base a final time leave the base without dying run into the PD with a gun out then fail to call a PD Raid in any form. When I called you out for FailRP you turned around and literally said "Oh you're a mod?" Then shot me in the face with an MP5.

For all of this I am going to be DENYING your ban appeal.


Well since succ doesnt want to close the thread and move it i will

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