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report on player mass rdming


Your Steam Name: Forp
Your ingame name: Wilhelm
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): BG Ramen STEAM_0:1:453031653
Reasons why you are reporting: so i originally reported this in game and during the admin sit i claimed to have a video. OldGre4g was the one who took the sit, he said " if you can upload that footage in 30 seconds i will look" i told him that wasnt possible and that id share my screen to show him and his response was " ehhh idk its probably not worth my time" he never reviewed the footage nor gave me a chance to even upload it, other than the timeframe of 30 seconds (lol) The way this sit was handled was extremely unprofessional and logs clearly shown the player killing 3 people for no reason. The player was given a warn for a single rdm done upon myself. May i add the player in question stated it was a misclick which i dont believe for one second.  I have the mass rdm encounter recorded as well as this sit, i will upload the mass rdm below. 
Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ-cVTiJ...e=youtu.be


Well the video clearly shows the player massing. I’m unsure as to why the staff thought it wouldn’t be worth their time but imo the player should have his warn removed then he should be banned for Mass Rdm.


Is there any proof of Greg saying this? There is obvious mass rdm.

BTW maybe dont show you stealing as a dealer class.


Howdy, I appreciate the report. I understand what I did may have seemed a bit unprofessional, but after teleporting the two others he killed, and they seemingly being alright with what happened, and you being the only one that reported him I saw it fit to only punish him for the actions against you. I had also woken up only an hour before this sit taking place, which is no excuse, but I was still a little bit drowsy, and I couldn't fully grasp the situation. I apologize if you saw the punishment not fair, and/or you think I did my job irresponsibly.

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"May i add the player in question stated it was a misclick"

yikes... Worse than just a rdm and owning up to it. Idk, I think saying to someone they only have 30 seconds or its not worth their time is not only unreasonable but also just shows how little he cares/cared. Sure, the other 2 players didn't really "care" but how is it not worth to look at to see how the player rdmed and what he was doing.. I think all videos or evidence should be looked at or taken into consideration if provided. If you didn't wanna wait for it to upload and render, fine.. but could you not just tell the player they can PM you it later or say we will continue the sit when the video is done? Not sharing screens on discord I think is fine if you're uncomfortable with it.. but not wanting to wait the time to see the video seems odd to me. EVEN if you thought you "knew" that it wouldn't be anything extra you never know. We encourage players to record for a reason...

EDIT: The main reason I don't like this is because the staff did offer to look.. but only if they could do it in 30 seconds. 


This is so obviously Mass RDM and the fact you offered VIDEO EVIDENCE and Greg would not consider it leaves me little hope in his ability to lead this community & put you guys first. Greg will be pulled from staffing until he has gone through a retraining. This is not how we train our staff to handle sits. In regards to the player, he has already been punished. We will keep a close eye on him and if it continues we will lay down the ban hammer. 


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