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Succ The Zucc watching out for a friend?

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Your Steam Name: The Chosen Juan

Your ingame name: Patrick The [          ]   ------>   (Nazi, Jew, Gypsy)
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/ZainWasHere/home
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): STEAM_0:0:157950221 , Succ The Zucc
Evidence: Other admins who were possibly online?

It started off with me being mayor getting raided by multiple people during grace period, as I died so did Rossie Bear and another player Hairy Anus. As we 3 respawned and we were walking back to fountain from spawn. Hairy Anus starts shouting "kill the mayor" and proceeds to shoot me to about 75hp and then Rossie Bear was right behind him stop looks at me pulls out shotgun and gun me down. I sent a report and it was claimed By Succ The Zucc. He brought me and Rossie to sit to check out dlogs and where it happened. As I told him it happened right outside spawn all 3 of us just spawned and it was basically RDM for no reason. During our sit Rossie Bear decides to revolt while Zucc is checking logs, then right away Zucc returns me and I eventually get killed by Rossie and demoted from being mayor. WE DID NOT FINISH SIT YET I WAS RDM'D... I pm'd Zucc multiple times to ask him why he has not taken us back to sit since revolt is over. He just ignores me and plays in the RDM zone for the next 5-10minutes. He finally gets back to me after finishing his RDM Zone fights and says it seems to him that it was "crossfire". Literally right outside of spawn 10seconds after respawning and that's viable as crossfire? He could not have interacted with ANYONE else except myself how does this count as crossfire? This makes little to no sense at all for Zucc's verdict on the case.

I don't think this is proper conduct of an admin to do. It's just shady and frustrating I was getting RDM'd as Mayor and Zucc did nothing about it and on top of that let Rossie revolt while being in a sit and returned me to die. 

[Image: 0ad0e9c21d69dd3cf246096ac838ce0c.png]


Without evidence I doubt this will go far, may wanna snap a few screenshots

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Alright the reason I returned him was because the sit wasn't in the sit area, otherwise I would have kept you there. Now for the sit in general, you stated that there was two kills coming from him, death logs show that to be false one instance was the guy you claimed killed you the second one was from Big Ass. The guy in question said he crossfired you, damage logs show that to also be true he hit you once, then shot 3 other people, shot you a second time and killed you. The guy crossfired you end of story.

Also to state Rossie made the revolt is unfair, he didn't make it, someone else did and then he later joined it to participate. I'd like to point out that as you did say I was in the RDM zone but I had not seen your PMs, when I got done having my break I saw that you did try to contact me and in telling you it was crossfire. But you fail to realize when I sent you back during the revolt I went to you to tell you what I saw and concluded was a crossfire act I am sorry that you didn't like it or see it but I did give a response after me sending you back.


With a lack of hard evidence there is nothing to show Succ mishandled the situation. I will speak to Succ about conducting sits in the designated area, but I would have done the same in this situation, as keeping you in a sit in the main city during a revolt would have lead to your death most likely with no chance to fight back. I will be leaving the thread open for a few more hours to see if you can gather any evidence.


Because of a lack of evidence and a belief that this report was you not liking the outcome of the sit I will be denying this report.

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