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Resignation --- Cya Boys

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TheGrapeWarrior's Resignation

From 2016-2019

This server has brought me joy and I've tried to help the community the most I could, but recently there is no reason for me to keep going. I started being staff at the end of 2017 and the community has kept me wanting to be staff since. I completed basically everything on the server long ago (I even helped make the S-Mod rank) and really the only people that kept me on was friends and new friends I was meeting. Nowadays I feel that most of my friends have left and that there aren't really new fun people that keep me on the server anymore. The server used to be maxed all day everyday and some really cool people used to get on, new dudes joining everyday, and well now the server only gets around 35 players a day which most aren't really new. I remember back when bank first came out we raided with around three parties full of people all in one discord coordinating and having fun, that just really doesn't happen anymore, ever. The amount of basing has pretty much gone to 0 and well, I've done literally everything one person can do on the server for over a thousand hours. Everyone on the staff team used to have fun and most of us were friends with each other and actually enjoyed each others company, and I also feel like that doesn't happen anymore. So quickly anyone can just flip on you and seem like they have your back to not giving a shit about you. After about a year of being a staff member and trying to improve everyone's experience, I really haven't gotten anything back other than the praise of the community, and well, it seems like nobody cares about anyone or anything anymore. I do play a part of not knowing the community as much anymore too, heck, I don't even know all of the staff members. It seems as if the server is just trapped right now, not being able to do anything with the server other than stupid rule changes that just feel like more fun is getting taken away. All those fun times where we would just do dumb shit and fuck around with random players and everyone would just have fun, whereas now it seems like there is none of that anymore but there is just people calling everyone out on the tiniest things just to get them in trouble. I've seen countless staff members leave, fuck I've even see the god damn Head Admin and Owner of the server leave, and I've talked to them and heard their reasonings why. Over all of these really good friends leaving, going inactive, it seems like everyone is just getting done with the server and gmod at this point. I really have been holding back this point and have never wanted this to happen, but the server is dying, really gmod as a whole is dying. I really wanted to become admin for the longest time and try to make this not happen, but it really is inevitable. Some could say I don't care about the server anymore, but I really do I think it's just time to face reality and say this game is on its way out. After so much bullshit, but also so so so many good times and fun stuff happening, it has been a wild ride, but a really good one, even through all the "drama". I consider my time on the server one of the best decisions I have ever made because of the vast amount of people I have met, and it really was worth every single second. This ultimately is why I haven't been very active and have been rushing through shit, because it seems like it isn't as worth it or fun anymore. I don't know if I will ever get the motivation back that I used to have for the server, but it has happened before. I am not leaving the server, I will be with the server for the end of time, I just won't be as active as I always was, probably as active as I am now, maybe even a little less as I was finding myself logging on just to get the time. Now I will get on when I really want to get on, and spend time with my friends and try to have as much fun as I can have. I've been through pretty much every situation imaginable, and it's really just time for me to focus on being with my friends, family, and school. This server has gotten me through so much shit and has really been a blast. I wish the best to the staff team and the server. I might come back as staff later, but for now I'm done. Here's some people that I have been wanting to say stuff about.

Navarog - You have been my best friend on the server for a long time. You have been one of the only ones that I could trust fully with everything, and I know you would never betray me. You have been with me through everything and have always stuck by my side, and I really appreciate that. Most of the best moments on the server have been with you. Love you man.

Caleb/Booper/Kilo/Reiko - You guys have been some of my really good friends too, its been a blast with you guys in the gang and not (Booper). You all have been fun to talk to and just chill with, I can trust all of you.

Jack/Coke - You guys are both cancer but you were really fun to fuck around with, and just meme everyone with, Jack ur also a pretty good staff member.

Jolly - Its been fun as fuck talking to you almost everyday, I'm really glad that I met you on the server, and its been a wild ride for both of us. I know we both know each other really well and I hope our friendship lasts for a long time.

Plutori - Its been really fun talking to you, we have known each other since what June? damn it doesn't feel like that long... Well its been cool talking to you and knowing you've had my back along the way.

Tass - Its been fun with you as a staff member, we have been buddies for a long as time and been staff together a long ass time, I still remember the santa picture boi.

Other Officers (Happykins, Frisco, etc) - You guys have been good officers and I've had a lot of fun with you guys in the gang and not, you've all been here for a while, I love all u guys.

Extinct - Your a good friend, Asian.

Silver/Keith - You guys are really cool people, even though you are both in rare and not my gang smh.

Danny - Ur probably not gonna see this but ur a tard, still love ya tho.

Xior, Quizzical, JewPapa - You guys were some of my first really good friends on the server, I doubt any of you will see this but I appreciate all of you.

Nathan - U gay but actually u were really cool to play with the couple months you actually did play.

Current Mods(Spidy,Bunziix,Greg,Candian,etc) - Some of you guys are pretty cool dudes, if I actually talk to you, then I like you.

Herb - Even though we haven't been the greatest friends recently, u are a really cool dude and I'd still call u Papa Herb

Amixon - Ur a cool dude plz keep giving me money yes thx.

Avi - Ur actually a really cool guy, ur one of the only dudes that I have found recently that I have actually really liked.

Speedy - Ur a cool dude, it was fun playing TTT and DarkRP with you.

Mark - It was fun in CX for that little bit, thx for lending me ur cc when I joined back on the server and got more active.

Fantasma/Dindu - U guys were both great admins, wish I was there when you guys were more active.

TwoTime - You were a really cool dude, best streamer the server has ever seen.

Knill - You were a really cool dude, I used to spend a hella a lot of time with you. You were one of the first people I could fully trust.

-If I forget you I'm sorry, I'm kind of just done writing all of this.

Thanks everyone, its been a great time as staff. I'll always be your one and only Head T-Mod.

Big Heart added TheGrapeWarrior to group Head Trial Moderator
t1k is t1gay


gl in your time you were a hella good staff


Thx babe


You we're always really nice to me Grape, and I'm sad to see that after so much time you spent on the server as staff you're putting the towel up. But I hope you still get on, love you <3


Does this mean applications for head t-mod are open?


Get yo grimy ass hands away from my head tmod, that's still my rank boi


When all the second officer in Apex besides Scorpio gets just "I'll give Spo0ky a call then"×20 in DMs. I thought you likes my toe sucking, man. That's how I got officer...


Can I have your CC stuff?
Im new to the server and I just bought a cc


See ya around grape, its been a heck of a ride. I'll keep your head tmod position nice and empty for ya. <3


Love you baby grape <3

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