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bug with model

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Description: this model is smaller than the normal models, allows you to lockpick and doenst give you the message that you cant raid. If abused you can shoot over props and cannot be seen as it does not lower your point of view.  As seen by screenshot the model is technically rendered as full size model. 
How to reproduce: 

Priority: Medium



That's like not good, I really don't see what can be done besides doing something with that model like a rework.


Two solutions could be to lower its base health and make it not able to raid.


Corp was the first person to point this out to me. The hit box is broken. He can shoot at players when they can’t shoot back because of the head hit box. We should definitely think about banning it from raids or lowering the health.


If the hit box is very screwed up to the point it’s like eating a small food, it should have both done imo. In an extreme case I suppose it could be removed because I’m pretty sure Keith owns it and he’s never active anymore. I’m against this however just thought I should state the potentials.


(04-10-2019, 07:05 PM)Sal Is Supreme Leader Wrote: Corp was the first person to point this out to me
I'm surprised you didn't notice Mugen bragging about abusing this broken model in OOC

hopefully all loli models get removed, it's just that you can't really trust people with small models, they could always abuse it 1 way or another.

yeah so my suggestion was and still is to REMOVE ALL LOLI MODELS


It’s broken asf. You can barely hit there hitbox. There are multiple options. You can make it so where it cannot raid or revolt. Make its health lower. Or you can unmount the model to prevent being abused for kidnapping and other non raiding rp events.


The system in place does not decide if a model is either small or big, but it measures the height to determine whether it’s capable of raiding & also to determine how much HP it should have based on its size. It’s possible this model is just barely above the threshold to allow it to raid. It might can be modified so that it can’t raid but that’s not going to fix the hitboxes.

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I checked this model out and couldn't reproduce the issue. My camera height adjusted accordingly and I couldn't see any higher than my model. If someone can get me on this model I will take a video to prove it works.
This model meets the threshold for being able to raid, though it might have a reduced max HP to compensate for the height.
Moving this to cannot reproduce for now.

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