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Real Life Shit (Story time with Succ The Zucc Week 1)


So basically to start off this week in the three part trilogy of dumbassery and slight dickeshness of my past I'd like to start off by saying all these stories had indeed happened and are my own personal stories of my own past I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed making this

So one time when I was around the age of 7-8 years old my friend and I were walking down the street (now mind you my friend at the time is 4 years older so he would have been 11-12, on another note it was 2008-2009 and this is in Michigan) We went into a field found a massive piece of plywood and decided to take it home to fuck around with. When walking out of the field we were yelled at by some grumpy fuck who said the property was his (although owned by the state for powerline services) and he shot a round of buckshot into the ground. We then ran down the street contemplating on what to do with the plywood. We got back at the house and decided to literally spray-paint on it saying "Meth den here [Address] Call 911 ASAP" (We knew the house was a drug den because there was always smoke billowing from it in the Summer. We then sat the plywood by the road and waited at the front window starring out after about an hour of waiting and 4 cars driving by, the cops show up (not at our house the persons address we wrote down) 6 cop cars swarming the fucking house and people running out the back of it in bathing suits with smoke following them. I to this day can't forget the moment I see a 300lbs cop tackle what couldn't be more than a 95lbs woman. It was the funniest sight I've ever seen.

In hindsight it later came out that the house WAS being used to cook meth and that the people who lived there were arrested.


So you were already moderating the bad guys at a young age


If that's the way you wanna take it LMFAO


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