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nerf batman

(This post was last modified: 04-13-2019, 06:39 PM by Liarieas.)

Nerf batman. Add a way to break out of his restraints. Either like cuffs and moving around or lockpickable by a friend.

Also: when you die while restrained by batman it doesn't remove the effects and you'll feel it in spawn.

You can also add a counter job. Like Joker for an example who is batman but for CP and can restraint hem for something and it says like "come kidnap" or something fun like that

I just barely went up to my own door and tapped my lockpick once and looked away within like 1 second and batman comes flying over and gets me.

Might aswell do it like if you finish lockpicking or keypad cracking not when you start


i agree with everything besides the joker job lol


I agree with kilo


>gets restrained by batman
>Ask friend to lockpick my restraint
>Batman restrains them for lockpicking.
>Infinite profit for batman


maybe add a batman sound effect when you are higlighted in batman's sight or something so you get informed he's coming for you

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