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please appeal

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Steam name:InfernoFusion
Ingame Name: (sorry i changed this to really long random letters like udwiygfuigsfeygdufi)
Steam ID:[Image: copy.png] STEAM_0:0:145564131

Reason for warn/ban:threats
Why you should be unbanned: I was just purely joking around and my feeble mind thought it was a good idea to say in chat "everyone crash the server", not knowing that this could get you into a permaban.

Who banned you and for how long: Gn Issac for Perma
Evidence: sadly i dont have evidence because i didnt know it would get me banned.
i will be sure to be more careful next time i am on the server. Thank You.

and yes, now i do know it was nothing to joke about, i just dont get how mods can get a joke ._.


Well encouraging people to crash the server isn't a funny joke, I prefer something more clever not like hey lets make everyone crash and ruin there day. I personally believe you should stay perma banned till you learn your lesson. I have forwarded this to Issac, he may give his opinion in this situation.


Sooo you think coming on the server for the first time and making a joke . 


Like what staff member would take that as a joke . Why would you come into the server and make that joke . Llike that's not something to be joking about and we have zero tolerance for that . 

Idc if your joking about it the words everyone crash the server should not come out your mouth .

I dont feel you should be unbanned for this. I'm not  going to unban you . Maybe I'll reduce the ban for a week. I'll think about it . When I wake up in the morning I'll have a answer for you .


Dang you best hope he wakes up on the right side of the bed


Stupid joke, punishment was fair. Reduction would be good imo, I don't think you need to be permed for this but you should know now not to make DDOS threats. Ever.


Well today is your lucky day . I will not unban you , but I will reduce this ban from perma to 1 day ban.
Next time you make a joke like this . The ban will stay .


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