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[Report] UrBaN BoMbEr | Minge / Prop Minge

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Your Steam Name: voltz07
Your ingame name: Voltz
Your Steam Profile/SteamID https://steamcommunity.com/id/lunartiquevoltzSTEAM_0:0:131627286
Who are you reporting?: UrBaN BoMbEr / STEAM_0:0:153466125
Why am I reporting UrBaN BoMbEr?: http://prntscr.com/nbsrnm
Evidence: http://prntscr.com/nbt3ashttp://prntscr.com/nbt3kk / https://youtu.be/SsS_DnIb-8A

Video evidence will finish uploading soon.


I remember banning you for this yesterday as well. It’s highly unacceptable that someone trying to RP by selling their weapons to others has to deal with this. I’ll see if someone can forward this to Urban.


The YouTube link you sent is broken. Can you make sure that the YouTube clip is viewable.


What is the purpose of prop blocking a gun stand?


(04-14-2019, 02:22 PM)The Herbalist Wrote: What is the purpose of prop blocking a gun stand?

so people cant make money off of that gun stand

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The youtube video has been fixed.
Link should be working.

One of the witnesees is SEWER OVERLORD, an admin.


Obviously intentional prop minging. I'm with Urban now, based on this video evidence (timestamp: 03:00) he will be warned for intentional prop abuse.
Thanks for the report.


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Ill close this and move it for rubik

Alright rubik said that he was waiting for something then all that so ima undo this


This report is intentionally misleading, leaving out all that leads up to this point.
The animosity Voltz has is because of his failed attempts to grief my gun stand for the last 3 days. It started by setting up a stand right next (or sometimes right in front of) my stands, selling $1 VALs ($2000 wholesale) in an attempt to stop people from buying from me.
I purchased 160+ of his $1 guns and resold them for $3000 each. Play DamnedOne also purchased several of them.
He started putting text screens that said 'SCAM' over my stands, and bashing me/my stands in OCC and advert.
Losing thousands of dollars on VALs, Voltz switched to Deagles and 288 pistols. While refilling his stand, I took (grav gun/inventory) 100 Deagles and 200 288s that he dropped to load into his stand.
Saltiness level that his troll had backfired in every way has him griefing me even more via text screens and in chat.
I became a hobo and started building a visible box around his stand, but the guns were still visible and buyable through the prop. I know is mingey, but the dude is literally stalking me!

My video shows, Voltz had put an invisible prop over my gun stand, as well as DamnedOne's stand. Then came to the forums to report me for the same thing... 
Does creating a misleading report to continue a 3 day long minge on the forums have a penalty?


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Alright then, let's start from the beginning as well, now from my perspective.
Hyperlinks are colored blue.

April 12
The day before UrBaN BoMbEr went and started a war in gun selling with me by buying all my stock, I was listing down ways to get xp, because I wanted to compete in Spirit Caller leader board, I set up a gun shop to see how much xp i would gain from it, I found that gun selling provides a constant flow of xp, this day I only sold Desert Eagles and P226s for $1 each, because to have a constant flow of xp, I needed to have people continuously buying my guns, In which i decided it would be good to set up $1 gun stands daily to have a constant stream of xp. although I only set up gun shops for a small time this day, I knew the xp farming potential gun selling has.

April 13
The day when UrBaN BoMbEr started to buy all my stock, I changed my stock from Desert Eagles and P226s to As Vals, Pump Shotguns and Desert Eagles, to gain a more stable flow of xp, that in which UrBaN BoMbEr responded by buying all my stock, If i kept this up i would have gone broke so I reverted to Desert Eagles and P226s, this was also the day i noticed how overpriced his gun stands are, that's why I placed this sign on my gun stand, "< THIS STAND IS BLASPHEMY <", as you can see, on that screenshot, UrBaN BoMbEr is buying my whole stock of As Vals [He is the Preacher skin], also, the sign is on my gun stand, I never put "SCAM" textscreens on your gun stands, that was someone else who believed your gun stands are a scam [I think that was SEWER OVERLORD who put those signs], after you kept going on draining my stock, I changed the textscreen to "HEY CUNTS OVER HERE" and after you still kept buying my stock I changed it again to "< THIS IS A SCAM <" On this day, UrBaN BoMbEr kept trying to take my shipments whenever I restocked my gun stands, kept putting hits on me, and two people even -rep me just for competing with UrBaN BoMbEr, also you also kept bashing my gun stands, that is why I fought back in OOC and /advert. This was the day of the recording i posted of UrBaN BoMbEr prop minging my gun stand

April 14
On this day, I was banned for prop minging by Succ the Zucc , so I have already served my punishment for prop minging shown by UrBaN BoMbEr,
Succ even refers to me in the first reply in this thread "I remember banning you for this yesterday as well. It’s highly unacceptable that someone trying to RP by selling their weapons to others has to deal with this. I’ll see if someone can forward this to Urban."

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