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Quest Coin Glitch


Description: I've completed three quests in the past 10 minutes, and I haven't received my quest coins.

How to reproduce: Complete any quest.

Priority: High


What difficulty were the quests that you completed?


There is a option in the f4 menu help tab that says “Refresh Quest Data”. Try that and see if it helps.


Some quest are just broken like I had a problem with a finneing quest were no matter how many unique people I cuffed I didn't get a reward or the progress would go up. Yet though once I relogged It worked again so maybe try that.


I have the same issue i didn't get any quest coin after completing a quest from easy - hard quest i forced refresh quest data and it still doesn't work i also tried to relog and its still not working


Easy quests will not give you a coin. Medium+ to get a quest coin

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