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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

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June 3rd Changelog

After some research it seems as the CPU of the server is getting maxed out (which is strange because I removed a shit ton of stuff addon wise and space wise) but either way lets see if this works. Nothing here is permanent, everything is subject to change.
  • Removed Weed Plants
  • Removed Mayor Console
  • Removed Mayor Voting System (It broke with this update anyway)
  • Removed News Cast system (was laggy anyway but awesome, I may re-add it)
  • Removed Food addon for now (each hunger tick for 38 players creates a ton of lag)
  • May of fixed random unarrest baton being pulled out while CP
  • Fixed the Bulk Cannon removing doors

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June 4th Changelog

The server has been crashing a lot anywhere from 10 minutes - 5 hours which is not okay. I only want it to crash when people force it to crash or something along those lines. This only started happening with the new Gmod update (which I don't think is the culprit) but one of the addons we added in. So this is what I am doing to see what works and doesn't work
  • Fixing a really simple and effective anti-prop kill addon instead of having enforcer which runs a lot of things at once
  • Added a dog bite swep (as requested)

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June 5th Changelog

Some weird shit has been going on in the database which is making people connect with Joining / Connecting jobs. I will be taking a massive look at it tomorrow morning to see what I can find. I don't have much to say here in regards to changing except letting you know I am looking into it.

Priority - Update
  • Fixing nulled tables and changing the way the db was storing information
  • Finding conflicting addons
  • Fixed Atlas chat bugging out, plus updated it
  • Made all pet playermodels + Destroyer of Worlds have a calced view
  • Fixing the printer addon to only call its collection of $$ to a single client and not all of them
  • Fixing world model bug on dogswep


Done! After 9 hours I finished! There should be no data loss here and everything should run MUCH smoother.

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June 7th Changelog

Just lua fixes, nothing else.

  • Fixed drawing the world model on the dog swep
  • Fixed falcon punch error

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June 8th Changelog

I think this is really cool so I am going to just make a changelog with one feature. May or may not be updated more today.

  • Small models now have a calculated view which works! Gif shows examples
Pending - Low Priority
  • All clients get $ printer output which can lead to everyone knowing that someone is farming some $$
Click Spoiler to see GIF

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June 10th Changelog 
  • Added Jesus Christ job
  • Added Demolitionist job (have to advance from raider)
  • Added a new knife to the BM dealer and both hitmen
  • Added Bible SWEP
  • Hound Eye increases health to max 125 down from 175

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June 13th Changelog

  • Added Satan Job 
  • Added Satan's Staff SWEP
  • Added Picket Signs to protest against the government! (Will see if I can model it in blender tomorrow morning then make it into a swep)
  • Added Spawn Protection that will prevent the usage of weapons
  • Fixed printers calling to all clients (MAYBE)

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June 14th Changelog

Here is some of the shit I was working on today. Picket signs!
  • Added Hobo Picket Sign
  • Added Fuck the Police Sign
  • Added Down with the Mayor Sign
  • Added Eat A Dick Sign
  • Added Surveillance Cameras
  • Nerfed Satan's Staff 
  • Looking for an extra item for Heaven's Angels
  • Fixing printer client issues, yes I KNOW I WILL DO IT I PROMISE
[Image: 6c7da4142104d379496dbd045deec298.png][Image: bb4e37722b17e087af9886d3f8fe163e.png][Image: a49f28f197f1532205e57daa4c2878c8.png][Image: 2aede060a781898fa70c08885a5bea06.png]

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June 16th Changelog

The server kinda shits itself at a high player counts. I can really only think that the server CPU is being overloaded because we have no choke and server side FPS seems to be stable. Here is what I am doing to help reduce the load. Everything you see here is NOT permanent. We can always work around and figure out some solutions.

I know these are relatively big changes but we will see how many people bitch and complain. This is all just testing. If the server CPU is still being overloaded from this, I need to dig deeper.
  • Removed Magic Man Job
  • Remvoed Pill Pack
  • Removed Hitman System
  • Removed rProtect (not too many people used it to my knowledge)
  • Removed Knockout Swep
  • Removed Radio Host Job
  • Removed Radio system
  • Removed the SHIT out of the Blink Swep
  • Updated DarkRP which fixed the unarrest baton switching (I think)
  • Fixed Jesus' Electric ability making too much fucking noise
  • Nerfed Minigun a little
  • Doing a process of a massive cleaning for inactive custom classes

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June 18th Changelog

Fixing lua errors or just plain removing some stupid shit causing a ton of errors
  • Removed Throwable crowbar, replaced with a normal crowbar (caused errors)
  • Removed Rivet Gun (caused a shit ton of errors, i'm sorry Frost)
  • Removed printers, replaced with old printers
  • Removed Cardboard box for now
  • Removed SMLeg for now
  • Removed Skyrim Weapons and replace it with the beautiful beautiful sledgehammer
  • Investigating playermodels causing CW errors

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