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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

December 13th Changelog
  • Updated the map to Downtown Tits V2 which has increase performance and fixes
  • Props and some playermodels no longer look like they have plastic on them
  • One way props now function properly
  • Added more meth locations
  • Increased the speed of which you fish by 10% and increased all fish prices by 20%
  • Increased max talismans from 2 -> 3
  • Increased drug prices by 20%

December 21st Changelog
  • Increased the speed of fishing by another 10% and increased their prices by another random percentage
  • Fixed an issue where tied entites didn't work (processor glitch)
  • Fixed an issue where you traded enchanted guns may stack
  • Fixed an issue where you  sometimes couldn't drag an inventory item
  • Fixed an issue where some items wouldn't have models in your inventory when they should have

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January 10-15th Changelog
  • Fixed the Dog Bite & Frostmourne SWEP from going through walls
  • Fixed an issue where a lot of crafted food could crash the server
  • Fixed an issue where some crafting materials came out as an item instead of a shipment
  • Fixed an issue where some ejected crafting materails could crash the server if there was a lot
  • Fixed an issue where too much crafted food could crash the server
  • Fixed an issue where PD Commanders would override player mutes
  • Fixed an issue where some players wouldn't get their kidnap timer reset
  • Fixed an issue where aiming through a scope could possibly go through walls
  • Moved Santa back to a Legacy Job
  • Improved the nolag command
  • Made it so the crafting bench isn't 1 shot anymore

January 17th Changelog
  • Added a new craftable item Printer Reduxer
  • Mini-Printers level 60% easier
  • Printer level colors are slightly more consistent
  • Printer XP is no longer on cooldown but is based off how much money you get per use
  • Regular printer now shows printer level

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