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[Rules] DarkRP Server

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Hello and welcome to our server! Below, you can find all of our rules!
Not reading the rules is your own fault, our rules differ from most servers

General Rules

DO be respectful to everyone except for Booper Scooper
DO try your best to help other players in a time of need
DO report rule breakers on the forums
DO speak English since this is an English server
DO have some sort of video recording software if you ever report anyone
DO trade at your own discretion and do your research. Being scammed 1 Mil or more DakrRP cash or any amount of IRL money or Suga Dollars is subject to review and punishment. Ask for a staff witness if you are unsure of a transaction
DO report bugs/exploits! Using them to your own advantage and not reporting them will have you banned
DO listen to staff. Even if something isn't explicitly mentioned in the MOTD, does not mean it's okay or approved by the staff team. Staff have the final decision on any matter, and if we determine something was clearly common sense enough that it should obviously not have been allowed, you will be punished regardless of it's explicit mention in the rules. Examples: "Oh, yeah, I was banned, but the rules don't say I can't just hop on a different account, why did you guys perma me for alting?!?" "I got gigamuted, you cant punish me for dodging it with anon chat!!!1!" "The rules don't say I CAN'T blow up everyone at fountain, so long as I use a drug processor!" All of these are real examples, and are why this rule is here. This is a game server, not a legal consortium. If we deem something as obvious enough we shouldn't have to spell it out so the MOTD doesn't end up having to be reviewed by legal professionals. If you're smart enough to connect to our server, you are smart enough to know why those three examples were stupid.

DO NOT Minge
DO NOT Propclimb
DO NOT Propblock
DO NOT be a dick, we are all here to have fun and play the game
DO NOT attempt to loophole any rules
DO NOT Do Violent Thefts (Ex. Player A shoots and kills player B because they are holding a printer. Just try to take it with a gravgun or something don't kill them on sight. Events like Golden Printer are an exception)
DO NOT RP in spawn unless you're running through it in an RP situation
DO NOT be racist or offensive to other players/staff.
DO NOT be constantly vulgar in OOC, you will be warned then kicked / banned
DO NOT block off NPCs, everyone needs to get to them
DO NOT raid the same person over and over again, pick on someone else every once in a while
DO NOT raid public bases. Some people just wanna chill, don't ruin their fun if they have no goods in their public base. Boomboxes are not counted as goods.
DO NOT attack a base member while raiding they must be both within eyeshot AND reasonably close to the base
DO NOT counter actions before getting involved. For example, asking a cop to uncuff your friend or a raider to stop raiding your friend otherwise you might counter the action
DO NOT warn people for general actions such as walking down the street, looking at them or being near them
DO NOT revolt against the PD without an actual RP reason. Be specific with your reasoning!
DO NOT advert PD raid if you're inside of the PD. You must do it outside since you will be committing murder to everyone inside
DO NOT bind multiple different adverts to one message, you will be asked to change it. (Ex: raid/mug/heist/bank raid/kidnap)(False/Over is fine)
DO NOT switch jobs during a raid or other RP interaction
DO NOT incite other players to break the rules
DO NOT call staff for a single RDM, go talk to the person who killed you or ask in OOC why they killed you
DO NOT call staff without a specified reason. Ex: "ADMIN 2 ME PLZ" is not allowed  "Hey admin, player x is mass RDMing right now, can you help out?"
DO NOT call staff for general questions, ask people in OOC or the forums
DO NOT call staff constantly. Spamming admin chat will have you kicked/banned
DO NOT scam Custom Class content (including slots & perms)


NLR exists and please use your best judgment to determine whether or not it is okay to return to a place after death. Most people don't care if you died to a hit at PD and come back. People will care if you died in a raid and come back. If you want to play it safe don't return to your place of death until the time is up, no one likes a sore loser. In this section, there are examples of what is considered NLR and what doesn't usually matter to most people.

And if you did die in a raid/heist, its simply over. You CANNOT come back and continue raiding/defending unless you die to a natural event.
If your raid is interrupted by a natural event (such as a train, being teleported by the pickle statue or a sit, any raid cooldown timers are voided. You may restart your raid immediately.

During the Kill the VIP, Defend the Vault, and Golden Printer Events, there is no NLR if you are trying to attack/defend the Event (NLR applies to all other situations during these events). This does NOT mean you can continually raid the same base if the Golden Printer is inside it.

Time Limits:

Raiding Cooldown: There is no cooldown but you cannot raid the same person again within 20 minutes
Max Kidnapping Time: 5 minutes
Max Raiding Raid Time: 10 minutes Max Raiding Time
Cooldown for raiding the PD: 15 minutes
Max Mug Amount: $1,000
NLR Time Limit: Read NLR rules above/Until the raid or heist is over.

NLR Examples:

Going back to the road you died on to a hitman to see your friends ALLOWED
Going back to the road you died on to a hitman to kill the hitman NOT ALLOWED
Jimmy going back to Jimmy's house after raiders raided it and killed him NOT ALLOWED
Going back to Jimmy's house you were raiding after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back to finish a heist as a raider after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back to defend a heist as a CP after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back into the PD as a cop after you got killed by a Bounty Hunter ALLOWED
Going back into the PD as a raider after you got killed by a mugger ALLOWED
Going back to the outside of your base after you die in a raid to watch the raid. NOT ALLOWED


If you're heckin dumb enough to get warned, you're gonna get the slap down.

15 warns: 1-week ban
25 warns: 2-week ban
35 warns: 1-month ban
50 warns: Permanent ban


RDM: Random Death Match
RDA: Random Arrest
NITRP: No Intention to RP
LTAP: Leave to avoid punishment
FDA: Fading door abuse
NLA: Non-lethal Abuse
A (RDM/RDA): Attempted (RDM/RDA)
R (RDM/RDA): Revenge (RDM/RDA)
Propblock: Blocking all areas without a way to get in using a lock-pick/keypad-cracker
Propclimb: Using props to get on places you cannot normally get to
KOS = Kill On Sight
AOS = Arrest On Sight


RDM: John kills Billy because why not (this does not include death matches that involve job rules ex: Pissed Baby killing Pedophiles)
RDA: John arrests Billy because why not (this doesn't include 'random arrests' that deal with RP)
NITRP: John freezes Billy in a prop he made and calls him derogatory terms while doing it. This shows John has no intent on playing on the server.
LTAP: John kills Billy for no reason before he hops off for the night. Once he kills him, he leaves immediately.
FDA: John is getting raided by Billy and instead of using his keypad to open the door the raider is picking, he uses his key-bind to open it quickly and kill him.
Propblock: John is printing money and blocks off his house and printer with 50 bathtubs to make sure no one can get them
Propclimb: John is raiding Billy's house and sees he has an opening at the top of his structure. He builds a stairway using props to get inside the house
NLA: John sees a hobo begging for money and starts spamming his non lethal pistol at him
KOS: John sees a hobo and kills him on sight for being wanted
AOS: John sees a hobo and arrests him on sight for being wanted

Examples of Illegal Activities:

Disrupting the peace
Making drugs
Having Printers
Having a firearm without a license
Weapon Modifying
Processing Weapons
Being an AOS job (Pedophile, Abomination, Mr. Sniffy)

Default Laws:
  • Doing any illegal activity may result in consequences such as being arrested or fined, or even death if you are threatening somebody's life/resisting arrest
  • Killing other players is illegal
Definition of Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home. Whether you're being harmful or not, trespassing someone else's house should be considered a raid.

When starting a raid, be close to the place you're raiding. Sitting away from the house shooting people while they are coming out is not allowed.

Advert Rules

Adverts that Exist:
  • PD Raid
  • Bank Heist
  • Warn
  • Kingdom Raid
  • Over (While not required under any circumstances, this advert is recommended, courteous, and can be considered valid for roleplay purposes. We will not hold a gun to your head and force you to use it however.)
Adverts that DO NOT EXIST:
  • Steal
  • FearRP related adverts
  • Hands are tied, weapons are stripped
  • Serial Killer
  • Murder
  • Raid
  • Kidnap
  • Counter
  • Mug
  • Hit accepted/declined/completed/failed
  • Assist
  • Crossfire
  • Any "You attacked my gang/party member!" variant

Basing Rules
  • Fading door limit is 3 doors protecting your items. You may only require raiders go through 3 doors to get to your entities/bank vault.
  • A double fading door counts as two doors, a triple fading door counts as 3
  • One way props are allowed
  • You cannot have a base that requires special tools/prop climb. It must be raid-able by a single person using a lock-pick and/or keypad-cracker.
  • You cannot have a sky-base, rooftops that are not explicitly part of the base (door leading to it) DO count as sky-bases (Unless you are playing Preacher)
  • You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part, don't loophole please)
  • Placing a building sign prevents you from being raided, but you may not have any entities or any form of making money. This is a ban-able offense
  • KoS signs are not allowed but you may have Loitering signs. Minimum time for a loiterer to be killed is 5 seconds
  • Trespassing makes you KoS. This means if you trespass someone's house while they are "building" you will die. If it is a public base, you must be warned to leave first.
  • The owner of the MOST doors in a base is the owner. Not the owner of the front door.
  • Your goods must be accessible in some way or form. You cannot just prop block them
  • You must have your keypads in plain sight and it must be next to the door
  • Your base must have a clear path through. This means no full blackout/super dark bases, invisible bases, or maze bases where the path is not obvious
  • Keypads may not have any delay on them opening. EX: Your keypad has a 30-second delay but then opens for 5 seconds. (To avoid confusion and unnecessary sits.)
  • You may not use/hide inside no-collided props to avoid being damaged, arrested, raided, etc
  • You may not remove a Dupe to bring Entities inside of your base, then replace your Dupe. This is declared FailRP.
  • Building/loitering signs must be size 30 or larger, be easily visible, and near the main entrance of the base.
  • Do not abuse non-destructible entities when building your base. This means using them for anything other than their intended purpose.
  • You may only base in one spot at a time.
  • Do not fading door abuse. Fading door abuse is when you explicitly use bound key to toggle the door during any rp situation like kidnapping, being raided, being arrested, etc.
  • A public base is a place with open doors such as a restaurant. For your base to be considered a public base, you must place a sign indicating it as a "Public Base." You may not have money-making entities inside/it will be treated as a building sign. If the base does have closed and locked doors and the owners refuse to let you in that room, the base is considered raid-able.
  • You cannot build/remove props to your advantage while being raided or in a situation that involves a clash between other players. Ex: Stealing a printer, running to your base, deleting it and then placing the base back when you're inside
  • Destroying your entities during a raid on your base to avoid them being stolen is FailRP.
  • No full fountain dupes, your dupes at fountain must have a function and not just be for aesthetics. 
  • You must have at least 3 members who are part of the same faction (ie, 3 hobos, 3 crips, 3 aliens) to megabase unless you're the king
  • You cannot take over a large portion of the map and the portion of the map cannot be a hotspot (Ex: In front of PD)
  • Your group must own at least the front door of every house to megabase in that area
  • You can not block off any unique NPC (Any NPC where there is only one NPC on the map like Harvest buyer or the Cereal Statue)

How to be a Good Player

A section dedicated to the people who have 3 brain cells. The BAD section is parallel with the GOOD section
  • RP situations out. This is an RP server at its core
  • If you're going to provide negative feedback, make it constructive
  • Use your brain and read the rules, you can't possibly complain about "Well this is how other servers do it so I didn't know"
  • Being warned/kicked banned means you did something wrong which you should learn from it
  • Every time you're brought into a sit that means you did something wrong which you should learn from it
  • Calling staff for issues you haven't tried to solve will have you put on the bad boy list (exceptions for this is mass rdm/nlr)
Examples of a BAD Player:
  • Calling staff because he doesn't know how to change jobs
  • Calling staff because he doesn't know if his base is allowed
  • Calling staff because he doesn't know what his job does
  • Calling staff because someone called them a hurtful word
  • Calling staff because someone just killed them
  • Calling staff that explains only part of the issue
  • Calling staff when the Mayor adds a harsh law
  • Calling staff when a cop arrests them on either accident or purpose
  • Calling staff when he needs a door un-owned
  • Arguing with a player in OOC
  • Not listening to staff/claiming a rule doesn't exist so they can do it
  • Reporting players and or staff when they have no evidence/non-conclusive evidence
Examples of a GOOD Player
  • Asking players how to change jobs in chat or in person
  • Reading the rules to see if his base is allowed/getting other player's opinions
  • Reading the rules/job description to see what his job does
  • Voice Chat/Text Chat muting players when they get called a bad word
  • Examining the situation of why they died and asking the player why they killed him
  • Calling a staff member with the most detail possible to prevent downtime and confusion
  • Revolting against the Mayor when a harsh rule is made
  • PMing the cop who arrested them when they got randomly arrested
  • PMing the player who owns the door to see if they can own it
  • Taking a heated argument to local or PM chat
  • Accepting what staff tells them. If they have an issue with it, they make a post on the forums explaining why they think they're in the right
  • Reporting players/staff with video evidence. No other questions should be asked on a good report. It should 100% conclusive by the original post

Party / Gang Rules

A section dedicated to people who don't know how RP as a party/gang. Using parties/gangs to combat other people usually results in confusion. Just because you are in a party/gang with somebody doesn't mean you are automatically "involved" with their situations. Here is how to do it correctly.
  • You must to be in a !party with someone to assist in a roleplay scenario. Being in a gang together does not count. 
  • If you're going to kill someone because they attacked your party member, make sure they know you're together (local chat or voice (not OOC/Advert)). Not doing so will cause confusion and most likely result in a sit which no one wants. (This applies to raiding as well)
  • Being in a party or gang doesn't mean you will not die/be raided/kicked/harassed by your own party and gang. Don't call staff members for internal issues you're dealing with.
  • Deal with situations using role-play. If you aren't role-playing together or they have no reason to suspect that you are connected in any way, it makes no RP sense to randomly pull out a gun and shoot them.
The BAD section is parallel with the GOOD section

Examples of a BAD party/gang member
  • Sniping a player from across the map because his party member got mugged
  • Attacking a player because someone just killed their party/gang member when you were nowhere nearby/not visible
  • Calling staff when their party/gang just raided them
  • Calling staff when their party/gang just kicked them because he paid 500k to be in there
Examples of a GOOD party/gang member
  • Running up to the player who killed their party/gang member and telling them they are about to die for killing their member
  • Killing a cop for cuffing your party/gang member you are role-playing with (fishing, mugging, kidnapping players together, etc)
  • Leaving the party/gang
  • Never join another party/gang with those people and spread the word

Civilian Rules

Basic Description: You sell items, complete tasks and just be a regular civilian to survive.

Raid Heist Megabase
  • Bank manager CANNOT base with Bank heisters
  • Bank manager may not keep his bank private or only for his friends
  • You may not counter Bank Heists if you are not a cop/bank guard/manager or in the Bank when the Raid begins, Insurance exists to protect your money.
  • Chucky can KOS Picolas Cage, Pissed Baby, Master Stalker, Stalker, and Treasure Hunter.
  • Chucky and Jigsaw are at constant war, they are KOS to each other all the time.
  • Medics can assist in raids
  • Do not place item shelves in the middle of the streets/block main areas with them. While we understand that you want a lot of people to see the stuff you are selling it's also frustrating to have it shoved down our throats. If a Staff/Players are asking you to move it then do so.
  • Selling guns in your gun stand for outrageous prices with the sole intent of either scamming noobs or catching people off guard who happen to misclick your gun stand is not allowed.

Cop Rules

Basic Description: You protect and serve the people of the town

Raid Heist Megabase
  • You cannot assist criminals or commit crimes
  • Past the second PD door is Arrest on Sight unless said otherwise
  • All doors in PD are allowed to be locked (including first door)
  • You can build roadblocks/base/build checkpoints/ do what you gotta do
  • Becoming a Cop job so that someone else can raid the PD is FailRP/job abuse.
Mayor Rules:
  • You cannot assist criminals or commit crimes
  • Make your laws something that your officers can enforce, you cannot make rules that allow players/CP to kill each other
  • You can not make a law to make someone above the law because it breaks role-play (ex: JohnSteven22 is immune to all laws because he is my friend)
  • You can override any default law except for making killing, printers, or stealing legal
  • Your laws must follow some sort of RP guidelines. Making them stupid will result in you being demoted and or kicked. No one likes a dumb mayor.
  • Your laws must not be so harsh where it makes other players leave the server. They will vote you as an unfair Mayor in which you will be demoted.
  • Firing your CP for no RP reason is not allowed. This is an RP server please use RP or you may get removed from the job.
  • Laws can not target an individual group, class, job, or person. Make your laws general, and make them affect the entire town. You can restrict areas of the map, but not force people to be there.
  • You can not make laws that force players to put a specific prop/item in front of their base(or they are raid-able, AOS, etc)
Examples of GOOD Laws
  • People without a firearms license will be searched
  • The sewers are unsafe and not sanitary, for your own safety, they are off limits.
  • Jaywalking will result in a $500 fine, cross at street corners/the crosswalks we have placed
  • Walking past the second door in the bank will result in a fine
  • Melee weapons are fine-able if you do not have a firearms license
Examples of BAD / PUNISHABLE Laws
  • Jimmy21 is immune to all laws
  • If you're holding keys/grav-gun/phys-gun/tool-gun, you're AOS
  • All fines are 20k
  • If you're not crouching you're AOS
  • If you don't jump when you see the Mayor, you're AOS
  • Money printers are legal
  • Pedophiles can kill anyone
  • RDM Is legal
  • Cops can arrest you for looking at them
  • If you aren't walking on the street, you're AOS
  • Jaywalking is AOS (no crosswalks or examples given for legal street crossing)
  • Hackers must stay on the beach or AOS
  • You must have a watermelon prop in front of your base or you are raid-able
  • Cops can randomly cuff/stun-gun/etc. to check for weapons/bounty/etc.
  • Any law where the intent is clearly just to prevent CPs from role-playing properly, i.e: cops cannot handcuff criminals, or cannot use their stun-guns, or all fines are $1 in conjunction with a law stating no arresting, etc.

Thief Rules
Basic Description: You steal from people and break into their bases

Raid Heist Megabase
  • Bank Heisters CANNOT base with the Bank Manager
  • Killing the cop/mugger who has just fined/mugged you after you paid a fine is FailRP
  • Killing someone to save them from being fined/arrested is FailRP.
  • You may not call a raid or PD heist while inside the building
  • You cannot call a PD raid for the sole purpose of killing people in the lobby/preventing people from access to the lobby. If you PD raid you are there to either kill the mayor or raid the vault.
  • While you are raiding the Kingdom, you have to stay in the kingdom. Leaving the portal is considered the end of your Kingdom raid.

Hobo Rules

Basic Description: You beg for money...or forcefully take it

Raid Heist Megabase
  • You cannot build in the streets but you can build on the sidewalk
  • You cannot build on the sidewalk if you are not a hobo, except as CP (can build on the road/sidewalk for roadblocks or crosswalks)
  • You may build at fountain as non-hobos given the following conditions: Must not block any NPCs, must not take up too much space, cannot be a kidnap cage (unless you're a hobo or a cultist), if you're base is complained about it will be removed if the reasoning is legitimate, and at the end of the day it is completely up to staff discretion to remove your props
  • Your houses can have multi-layers (essentially prop-climb within your house)
  • You can own guns
  • You may only micspam as a hobo class

Gang Rules

Basic Description: Join together to build a massive place and fulfill your duties

Raid Heist Megabase
  • The king may only create a mega-base inside the kingdom and not on the regular map
  • The king can override the following rules within the kingdom: Propclimb, RDM, Propsurfing, Skybasing
  • The king cannot override any of the following rules: NLR, Basing Rules, FailRP, Prop Block, anything not listed as allowed
  • Bloods & Crips are KOS to each other. Any crossfire may still be treated as RDM.

Mercenary Rules

Basic Description: Get hired to protect or do some other task

Raid Heist Megabase
  • Hitmen do not need to advert accepting/competing for failing a hit
  • Hitman/Bounty Hunter/Master Stalker/etc are allowed to raid their target only to carry out job functions. They may not interact with entities inside the base.

Weird Jobs Rules

Basic Description: You're super weird. You take pictures or meow at people. Do something that makes Pap233 proud.

Raid Heist Megabase
  • Pedophiles are default AOS
  • Stalkers and Master Stalkers are subject to AOS if they're caught stalking people.
  • Master Stalker can break NLR on their assigned target only.
  • Pets and Master Pets cannot own guns but they can own melee weapons.
  • Being revived by a necromancer does not mean you can continue a heist/raid. You lost, no second chances
  • If you are playing as a Necromancer and revive a hostile NPC, you are KOS.

Stupid Job Rules

Basic Description: These jobs were added in to make you lose brain cells and to feel stupid. If you want more info on why these jobs were added, check out this thread

Raid Heist Megabase
  • The abomination is AOS
  • Pissed Babies can kill Pedophiles on sight
  • If Picolas Cage summons a train on a player outside of a base, it is considered a natural event (and therefore is not Mass RDM when 80 players crowd around your train for the memes). If a train is summoned inside of a base, that is considered as a raid. Since Picolas Cage is a job defined to not be permitted to raid, this means you are not allowed to continue to perform other raiding actions such as chucking C4 into their base or lockpicking, you cannot raid the base again before the normal time limit, and you cannot switch jobs in order to raid them after summoning the train. To make it simple - no summoning a train for raiding purposes.

Kidnapper Rules

Basic Description: You kidnap people and make them your slave.

Raid Heist Megabase
  • Alien Race can Raid and Heist if all three are together
  • Do not use your disguise swep to avoid RP/arrest
  • The preacher can sky-base
  • Kidnapping/Attempt Kidnapping people makes you KOS as you're a threat to everyone around you
  • Kidnap bases may have 5 total fading doors. 2 leading to the main room, and 3 cells. Kidnap bases are bases that ONLY store kidnapped victims. If you have any other raid-able entities, then you must follow standard basing rules.

No Category Rules

Basic Description: Your job says your job rules in the description
  • Terrorist: You can kill people in a terrorist attack that have already been killed
  • Terrorist: Anyone can kill you once you have adverted/started the terrorist attack. You are a mass rdming machine, if someone shoots at you, you can shoot back at them.

Misc Rules

Rules that generally don't have to be said but are here for the people who need to see them
  • Do not force other players to get stuck, if they can't move it's not RP
  • Killing people at NPCs has no purpose, you don't gain anything and therefore is RDM and a ban-able offense
  • If you're shot at, you're allowed to fire back even if they miss
  • Do not demote people from jobs for breaking server rules, it is intended for RP demotes only (unless there are no staff online). Ex: Demoting a cop for not arresting someone without a firearm license
  • Intentionally lowering people's framerates with a ton of moving materials/flashing materials will have you warned and then punished
  • Teleporting behind someone makes you KOS for the person you teleported to.
  • Misleading adverts are not allowed, making 3 lines of random trading advert then adding a subtle (PD raid) at the end is stupid. If a staff ask you to remove it then please do so.
  • Spawning props in public then making them no gravity before letting them fly is not allowed, it ruins some people's FPS and is dumb in general.
  • You may request a staff member as a middleman for large (1m+) transactions. This service is dependent on staff availability.
  • Loot-boxes are considered entities and you cannot open them in a base while building or prop-blocked
  • Macros/external programs/scripts are not allowed.
  • The following 2 actions are allowed without adverting PD raid, so long as you do not engage anyone without them engaging you first (or warning them properly): Jail-breaking and Hackers hacking any of the PD panels, including the one in the Mayor's office. Anything involving breaking through a prop or a fading door is not allowed under this rule and will be considering PD raiding without an advert. If you wish to PD raid, you will still be required to call PD raid after exiting the PD entirely. If you kill a CP legally under this rule, leave the PD, and then call PD raid, the officer you killed before you called PD raid will not be considered to be breaking NLR if they return to the PD to stop your PD raid, as they died before you called a PD raid.
  • If a player has been gone for 30 consecutive days from the server without prior notification, you can revoke their custom class permanent slot without being subject to the scamming rule. It is highly recommended that you record their gametracker (Recommended method is via screenshot) at the time of revocation to prevent future issues.
  • Do not modify a Custom Class/Terrorist in a way that gives you a roleplay advantage. (ex. Standard custom class named "Civil Projection" and using a model that looks like CP to gain entry into the Mayor's office, or Terrorist changes their job name to "Black Market Dealer")
  • Report someone within 2 weeks, or we will not take action, even if they Mass RDMed 99999999999 players. Reports will still be accepted for extremely serious offenses, such as things which break the law, on a case by case basis, but if we determine you held this information from the staff team for the purposes of blackmail, threats, or other similar reasons, you will receive a punishment equal to whatever we decide to do with the player you reported.
  • Due to the fact that the meth entity is only able to be picked up by meth cooks, switching to meth cook at the end of a raid in order to pick up meth is allowed.
  • Staff will not interfere with your personal loans. Give money to those you trust, or accept  collateral. 
  • Abusing your VIP rank will result in your VIP being revoked and possibly being prohibited from buying VIP again for a duration of time. An example of abuse of VIP rank includes but not limited to:  Votebanning/Votekicking yourself, your friends, and other players for invalid reasons (for fun, out of anger, etc). Use common sense with your rank.
Important Links (Intended to help you out in-game!)
https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=8639 - Sit Guidelines (Gives players and staff a run-down of how to act in sits and other things)
https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=2055 - Proper Punishment Guidelines (Our punishment guide list)
https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=1682 - "New staff" Guidelines (Goes over "How to staff"; please read if you intend to apply for staff!)
https://titsrp.com/announcements.php?aid=12 - Moderator Guidelines (Guidelines our staff members must follow to maintain their staffing rank; please read if you want to be staff!)

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