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RARE gang recruitment

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RARE gang
Owner: Silly
Co-owner: Piklas
Officers: Jawson, Tact, eddiH, Axiom, Maverick, Silent
Members:  Festive Kenny, Pharyan, Voltz, Ghost, Wavy, Kitt, OMG silver, Cr0w, Wrath-, KeithPyro Apprentice,
Doc McStubbins, Nekosam, UwU, SkrtSkrt, Obfuscate etc.
Recruits: -

Gang description: We are a raiding and and basing gang.
Gang merged with boonk gang
Current gang level: 60

Being fairly well known in the community raises your chances to get accepted
Application format

Ingame name:
Steam profile:
Previous gangs:
Hours played:
Hours played past week:
Gametracker score:
What are some skills and weaknesses you bring to raiding:
Do you base:
How often do you base:
What is your biggest weakness when basing:
Other good qualities about you for the gang:
Do you use a mic:
What is your favorite food:

Gametracker link(just search for your steam name): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/...p_players/

Kicked members: 
Noahmh (Trying to steal xp methods)


Wow this gang is really good! I sure wish I could socialize though, but this gang wont let me!


lol this gang is so descriptive. "we are a raiding and basing gang"... aka all the gangs lmao

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i would like to allie with you as the leader of the TP gang. we will provide help in raids, giving you first dibbs on us selling our processors and such if you are basing, protecting you when you are being raided. please take us into consideration.
we ask for the same conditions in return

not raiding eachother is a given.


                                            Ingame name:

Steam profile:
Previous gangs:
Hours played:
1000+ in GMOD. 131 on TitsRP
Hours played past week:
Over about 10 hours.
Gametracker score:
What can you provide regarding raids:
Backup healing with a medkit, raiding tools (sledgehammers and a lockpick), and decent aim.
What can you provide regarding basing:
Good building skills, multiple base dupes, money for processors, providing defense for a base, and taking care of processor shipments, such as sorting the crap items from the good items.
Do you use a mic:
                                 What is your favorite food:
                                          Pizza and Pretzels.


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B0ne is accepted and put in as a member as you have shown yourself to be a capable player before

Cr0w is denied for a troll application, read this https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=5116  Undecided

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Ingame name: eddiH or ebby
Previous gangs: None
Hours played: gmod 525 hours, mainly darkrp --> 124 on server
Hours played past week: 59.2
Gametracker score: 422, i think
Age: 19
What can you provide regarding raids: Scouting, aiding
What can you provide regarding basing: Don't have many dupes, but i can defend.
Do you use a mic: Every once in a while, not shy though
What is your favorite food: milkshake

ps. looking for cc's

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(10-24-2017, 02:26 PM)eddiH Wrote:
Ingame name: eddiH or ebby

ps. looking for cc's

Your gametracker score is a bit low but you have proven ingame to be a capable defender of bases and know about alot of strategies people use. Accepted 


Cr0w just so you know. If you apply again without TROLL you will be accepted(98%)


In-Game Name:  Dolan

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/gypcyninja/
Previous gangs: Sewer Dwellers (dead meme), CX, Supreme
Hours played: 507.83
Hours played past week: Essentially the whole week, you know I am on every day
Gametracker Score:
Age: 16
What can you provide regarding raids: I've got plenty of materials to either make pick-up boxes and I am really good at aimlessly shooting through one-ways, like every base
What can you provide regarding basing: Once again, good at shooting through one-ways except for this time I can see the enemy so it's easier.
Do you use a mic: I'm Dolan, I only fucking micspam
What is your favorite food: What're you fucking gay

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